Whup Whup, Subang Jaya

We finally got to check out Liang's co-labour of love, Whup Whup, a casual French eatery in Subang Jaya's industrial area. It was not difficult to locate the restaurant among all the factories, for Waze was quite accurate. The restaurant is … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken

Being Fuzhou (Foochow), it is a tradition to celebrate both the first day of Chinese New Year and our birthdays with a bowl of Fuzhou red wine chicken mee suah (ang zhao mee sua). This one-dish meal contains sesame oil, lots of ginger, rice wine … [Continue reading]

A lobster, a steak and a bottle of wine walk into a bar

I have a mole above my upper lip. In the Chinese art of face reading, its position makes it an 'Eating God' (shi shen) mole. Supposedly, it means that I am a connoisseur of music, food, drinks, and that I enjoy the good things in life. Wow … [Continue reading]

Inspired with Anna Olson

Celebrity chef Anna Olson was in town to promote her new show, Inspired with Anna Olson which airs on Asian Food Channel (AFC) every Friday at 9pm. At a private dinner held at Samplings on the Fourteenth, guests were treated to a five-course meal … [Continue reading]

Big strawberry in my hand

At Jaya Grocer's fruits section, I did a double take - they were selling strawberries almost as big as my hand, a punnet for just RM15! I was flushed with excitement. Picked one up and put it close to my nose. Gotta have a whiff to know if they'd … [Continue reading]

Visa Checkout makes on-line payment super painless

Are you one of those people who prefer to buy things on the Internet? Well then, you’re just like me… along with 7 million other Malaysians. Sure, we still enjoy offline shopping; I’ve come to appreciate that nothing replaces the feeling when you … [Continue reading]

Recipe: Lance’s Clam Chowder

One of my favourite pick-me-ups is a big hearty bowl of warm, filling soup. It speaks of comfort and reassurance, each spoonful as nourishing as a sympathetic personal Agony Aunt. My friend, Lance, makes that kind of wholesome soup. His clam … [Continue reading]