Hana Dining + Sake Bar, Sunway Pyramid

So many Japanese eateries in town, but few that boast a dedicated sake bar for rice wine enthusiasts. Is sake that niche a market in Malaysia, or is the local drinking crowd just starting to catch on? A conundrum perhaps, one that the folks … [Continue reading]

Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

It has only been a couple of months since Ruyi & Lyn started operations, but already the multi-faceted hotspot is making waves in town. Having explored the place, it was clear to us that Ruyi & Lyn is the result of an ambitious vision. It could … [Continue reading]

Breakfast in Batu Pahat

A few of my family's favourite picks. 1) Fock Yen Dim Sum Dim sum in Batu Pahat is like dim sum in Klang - slightly odd in a Hokkien populated area. Expectations must be managed; the finesse ranks the same as an average tasting dim sum shop in … [Continue reading]

Riverside hawker centre, Batu Pahat

Growing up, we'd frequent the Riverside Hawker Centre - popularly known as "Hai Kee" or "He Bian" to feast on our favourite eats. The end of Jalan Rahmat leading to the river. I love this part of the road come evening; the colours of dusk … [Continue reading]

Ah Chew Laksa @ Glutton Street, Batu Pahat

There is something about Batu Pahat laksa. It is not as famous as Penang curry mee. But it is also less oily and less rich, though no less satisfying. The coconut milk gravy is lighter, so you can enjoy it often without worrying about arteries … [Continue reading]

Soon Lai ‘kuey chap’, Batu Pahat

My first introduction to kuey chap was quite traumatising. "What is that? What are you eating?" I asked my Dad. He nonchalantly replied, "Pig's blood." Euwww. Can someone of my ethnicity agree with me on how DISGUSTING that sounds to a KID? … [Continue reading]

Ah Hee fish ball noodle, Batu Pahat

"What do you eat in Batu Pahat?" Batu Pahat fish ball noodles, of course! Also known as "Penggaram Mee". Why the name? Because back in the days, a Mr. Lee operated a roadside stall along Jalan Penggaram (Hakka street), selling handmade noodles … [Continue reading]