Hello 2016!

I've had this draft post with this photo since mid-December of last year. With all good intentions of wanting to write frivolously - for fun not profit, I'd meant for it to be a 2015 round-up. Then the small things in life became not so small, … [Continue reading]

Mikey’s New York Pizza & Frozen Custard, Mid Valley

One fine day at work, I received a call from a number that I did not recognise. It turned out to be Michael Helfman, the Mikey of Mikey's New York Pizza. Dreamy pizza man entrepreneur, do-gooder and possibly one of the most good-looking men in … [Continue reading]

Crackhouse Comedy Club, Kuala Lumpur

Are you a fan of comedy? Don't lie, my blog only attracts fun and funny people. I LOVE comedy in many forms, one of them being stand-up. Malaysia isn't known for its comedians, which is a shame because we have really good ones! They've been coming … [Continue reading]

Dewakan – modern Malaysian cuisine

Have you been to Dewakan? The brainchild of Chef Darren Teoh, the restaurant sits somewhere in the KDU building in Glenmarie, where said chef also lectures in the science of molecular gastronomy. Comfortable lounge while waiting for your … [Continue reading]

New menu @ WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The ever hip, ever loved WIP at Bangsar Shopping Centre is a F&B force to be reckoned with. Where outlets up and gone in an inevitable fast-moving industry, WIP stood the test of time, proving they are continuing to wow over the fickle palate of … [Continue reading]

Sharon Bakar’s Finding The Flow, a Creative Writing Course for Beginners

... also known as Sharon Bakar’s writing course for beginners that led to me finding myself, almost, something like that, slowly getting there, some day. This be Sharon Bakar. In my previous post, I shared how Tristen, a tarot card reader … [Continue reading]

The lull in life

Hello! It has been exactly one month since I last blogged. To be honest, I'm not sure who really cares, except my friends KY and Fireangel who frequently make known of their dissatisfaction at my lack of updates. It is sweet; after all it's nice … [Continue reading]