My grandfather and his favourite roti canai

Whenever I go back home to my hometown, I make it a point to accompany my 88-year-old grandfather to our favourite roti canai stall in Sri Gading. The proprietor; Haji Mohammad makes the crispiest, most delicious roti canai in town. He is also my grandfather’s buddy, the reason of which I blogged about earlier.

Lim Kheng Siang in Sri Gading

Also it’s fun to watch Haji Mohammad in action. He knows everybody, he remembers what they like, he is everyone’s friend.

“Tok Penghulu sudah mari!” he greeted my grandfather, “Selamat Tahun Baru Tok Penghulu!”

When his colleague came to take our order, Haji Mohammad shouted out, “Tok Penghulu punya biasa!”

My grandfather’s ‘biasa’ (regular order) is roti telur with chopped chili and onion, dhall with a little mutton curry (just the curry, no meat) and hot teh tarik.

Lim Kheng Siang, Sri Gading

Something so simple makes everyone so happy.

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