Mikey’s New York Pizza & Frozen Custard, Mid Valley

One fine day at work, I received a call from a number that I did not recognise.

It turned out to be Michael Helfman, the Mikey of Mikey’s New York Pizza. Dreamy pizza man entrepreneur, do-gooder and possibly one of the most good-looking men in Kuala Lumpur right now.

I have enough Googling skills to know that he’s super happily married to his beautiful wife Gabrielle. As it turns out, you’re allowed to admire one’s blessed genes from afar without harbouring wicked intentions.

Then proceed to write out these private thoughts on a public blog? No harm done there either. It’s hard enough to kickstart writing a post as it is, so why not verbal diarrhea. #thestruggleisreal

So Mikey called to invite me to the launch of the new outlet in Midvalley. I couldn’t make it on the grand do (got a day job, have to do actual day job to pay for mortgage and shiny new things) where they attempted to create the biggest pizza slice in Malaysia. I hope that went well, I never did ask.

I told him I’d check it out on my own. So there I was in Midvalley on a Saturday, and we all know what a mega sacrifice of time and humanity that is.

First of all, there was this huge Star Wars promotion thing going on. People from all corners of Klang Valley gathered at Midvalley and stood in line to get their photo taken at the most unimpressive fighter jet replica at Centre court. Yes that thing is big, but.. is that it? Just place a dull boring lifeless model thingy and that’s a wrap? Is that all there is to life, magnitude? In the end, does size really matter?

Secondly, there is an inane amount of families (again with the size) that frequent Midvalley on weekends and taking up entire walking paths. How? They just slowly walk side by side, slowly looking at the shops around them, slowly moving one foot after the other, oblivious to their surroundings, oblivious to irritated people like me who walk fast. You know, because we have somewhere to go to??

I could always slide past loving couples because ninja. But 5 or 6 people in a row? THAT’S A GARRISON AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROTECT SO MOVE ALONG NOW.

People annoy me. Crowds annoy me. Families (who are nice, I’m sure) who walk side by side taking up entire paths annoy me. I don’t do well in a popular shopping mall on weekends. I’d rather sit at home alone, stare at the wall and count imaginary spiders in their imaginary faded cobwebs.

But you know, incredibly beautiful chiselled man asks you to do something, you sorta go jump right in. No? It’s just me then? Okay.

The new Mikey’s New York Pizza sits on the same level as GSC in Midvalley. Can somebody say retail gold? Anyone knows that you’ve got a decent lot near a super popular cinema, you’re done. Bring it home baby! Kaching kaching kaching millionaire in the making.

LOL. Okay maybe they don’t want to be seen that way. But I’m not going to cross out everything I just typed. I’ll just backtrack myself here: yeah that’s a really strategic lot to have a pizza business, folks! Thumbs up ‘cos you’re gonna make it and love it.

Mikey's New York Pizza and Frozen Custard Midvalley
If they were Chinese, they’d get enough congratulatory flower stands to fund a florist Insert Chinese joke here

The great thing about Mikey’s pizzas is that they sell them in slices. It’s about RM14 a slice for my preferred pizza, and it’s a huge slice that fills me up pretty good.

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - counter
Pizzas in waiting

I also like it that they are generous with the pizza toppings. Every slice gets equal amount of fresh ingredients that make up the toppings, so that’s where your money goes right there.

Look at this huge slice of meatball pizza! We always ask the kitchen to halve our so we can enjoy a larger variety of pizzas without over punishing our stomachs.

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - meatballs
What’s on this? Meatballs, roasted peppers, caramelised onions, garlic

But of course when there are just two of you, that’s just two variety. So I always opt for my favourite, meatballs and bianco. The trick is to be really good friends with people who don’t mind what they eat, so long they are eating it with you. I am super blessed that way so I get to eat my favourite food all the time, and that’s how I eat the same things all the time.

Here’s johnny bianco!

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - bianca
What’s on this? A whole lotta dairy love – mozzarella, ricotta, cheddar, goat cheese.

You can’t go wrong with waffle fries that are crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. Mikey’s make them real good. My to-go is Staten Island – seasoned waffle fries served with 4 types of sauces: blue cheese, brown gravy, smoked chili mayo and Heinz ketchup.

Like a tangy, spicy kick to your meat? Get the boneless buffalo chicken served with blue cheese dipping sauce.

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - fries and boneless chicken wings
Fries and Chicken could be the title of the next Nickelodeon hit. Or whatever channels kids are watching these days. Can you tell that I am childless?

Random photo of accommodating friend.

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - waiting sign

Random photo of accommodating diners.

“Uhm.. okayyyyyy…. (you weird strange person)”

Mikey's New York Pizza Midvalley - diners

Besides pizza, Mikey’s also selling frozen custard at its Midvalley outlet, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Frozen custard is like ice cream with the addition of eggs. So you get a really rich, creamy dessert in a flavour that you like, with toppings that you enjoy.

Mikey’s frozen custard is made with Bright Cow’s Jersey milk, so that’s x times the creamy intensity going on.

You could have it ala soft serve-style, or in a hot bun. It’s like aiskrim goreng if you like that sort of dual yin yang taste going on in your mouth.

Mikey's Frozen Custard Midvalley - frozen custard bun
Mikey’s frozen custard in Mikey’s bun. Hey, that’s how it’s marketed! Lol.

So from this post, we learned 3 things:

1) There’s a new Mikey’s New York Pizza outlet in Mid Valley.
2) There’s a new ice cream product, America’s favourite frozen custard, the first of its kind in our country.
3) Good looking men can make me do anything. Almost. OH GOD SHALLOWNESS IS DELICIOUS.

Go get some pizza lovin’.

Mikey’s New York Pizza
Lot T-028A, South Court, 3rd Floor
Mid Valley Megamall

Website: mikeyspizza.com.my
Facebook: MikeysOriginal

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