Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara

You can’t miss Caffe Crema in Plaza Mont Kiara; it’s right next to the renowned hair saloon, Number76, a partnership reminiscent of the latter’s origins in Tokyo.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara

Enter the cafe to a welcoming fresh coffee smell. A cosy spot, the cafe is tastefully decorated; spot vintage pieces such as an old check writer and a still-working vinyl record player belting out classic jazz and blues.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - classic check writer

Customers will be pleased with thoughtful touches such as the free-flow lemon-infused water, and a charging station for devices that they can’t live without.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - vinyl record player

We were at Caffe Crema for a coffee appreciation session. The owner, Elvin wanted to share his journey to finding the perfect beans that make the perfect cuppa.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - inside

Elvin revealed that he travels to Italy often, and was so inspired by good Italian coffee that he decided to pursue his cafe dreams. A cosy spot where there are only coffee and cakes; no pastas or heavy food to distract you from the main star, the coffee.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - explaining coffee

It was almost endearing to see Elvin’s passion for coffee as he took us through samplings of grounded beans. We sampled over-roasted or burnt beans; though bitter but favoured for achieving a consistent taste (think major coffee chains).

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - Elvin and Xavier

There was the under-extracted coffee resulting in an acidic, sourish and almost pungent taste. Not my cup of coffee!

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - feeling coffee grounds texture

Elvin advised us to store coffee beans in dark, cool places and never in the fridge. That is because the beans, being so delicate will easily pick up the odours in your fridge, and that will spoil your coffee.

Coffee beans should also be bought in small batches as to preserve the freshness. That means no bulk buying! … unless you’re doing so for a bunch of people.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - making latte art

At Caffe Crema, beans come from Oriole roasters in Singapore. Two blends on offer: the Signature, smooth and chocolatey. The Raven is stronger, with a darker and more distinct chocolate aftertaste. Choose your beans when ordering your cuppa.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - a cup of latte

More impressively was Elvin’s La Marzocco espresso machine. The very expensive Italian beauty was handmade in Florence and worth the many months wait. Only the best equipment for the best cuppa!

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - cakes

Those who fancy a sweet bite to eat will find lovely homemade dessert at Caffe Crema, supplied by discerning vendors who pride themselves in the quality of their goods.

Caffe Crema, Plaza Mont Kiara - Suanie

Do check out Caffe Crema for a good cuppa, and experience what someone’s passion for coffee can bring to your table.

Caffe Crema
E01-02, Plaza Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60 3-6206 2237

Opens daily: Weekdays 8am to 8pm, and Weekends 10am to 9pm.

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