The story about not going to Tesco in Cheras

[Note: If this story seems familiar to you, it's because I posted it on my Facebook way back when. If you have not read this before, well... ]

So, a PR guy for Tesco called to inform me that because I use their on-line store and home delivery service, I’ve been shortlisted to participate in their upcoming contest. Thus would I be able to attend the grand launch event this Thursday during the day at Tesco Extra in Cheras? I’d get a RM30 Tesco voucher upon registration, and I stand to win so many, many, many exciting prizes!

From my perspective, there are generally two types of people who go through the slew of inventory and items on Tesco’s on-line store, click click click then wait for the reliable Tesco delivery folks to bring your shopping right to your doorstep. They are:

1) The Busy Folks; and
2) The Lazy Folks.

Let’s assume that I’m one of the Busy Folks, working for the bacon, which would require my focus and attention to whatever bacon I’m working on so I could pay for my mortgage, bills and fun with the money earned from working the bacon. Thursday is not Monday where I potentially could… if I wanted to, extend my weekend so I may attend the event. Thursday is not Friday where I potentially could… if I wanted to, kick start my weekend and attend the event. Thursday is typically let’s-hope-shit-doesn’t-hit-the-fan Thursday, which means I’d be at work. In the daytime. In the office. Working. Sorry, can’t go.

Now, let’s assume that I’m one of the Lazy Folks. Dude, I live in Petaling Jaya. The event is in friggin’ Cheras. Like, so f- far?

Lazy Bear

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