Urban Stove: ingredient + recipe delivery service

Cooking is more than grabbing the few nearest ingredients closest to you, dropping them into a boiling pot or sizzling pan, and voila!

The cooking process starts earlier at planning. What food to cook? Which cuisine? For how many people?

Do I have the ingredients already? Can the ingredients overlap? Will the ingredients spoil easy? Where to buy more ingredients?

Then there are the washing, the drying, the marinating, the skinning, the chopping, the slicing, the dicing, oy vey!

If you think the question “what to eat tonight?” is bad, trust me; it’s 100 times WORSE for the person cooking at home.

Although I have only myself (and the occasional friend) to feed, but the struggle is the same.

So when I heard about Urban Stove; a new start-up service that delivers to you fresh, pre-portioned ingredients for easy-to-cook recipes, WHERE’S THE SIGN ME UP BUTTON I NEED IT RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

I got a slot for a pre-launch delivery. It had 3 recipes (each recipe serves 2 people) and cost RM50 including delivery. I’d imagine when they launch, the price would be slightly higher. As it should because RM50 for my box was a steal!

Finally, D-Day of my Urban Stove order! A large box arrived, well-insulated to keep the ingredients fresh, complete with ice packs for the meats.

Urban Stove - ingredient box

It came with a welcome letter and colour printed instructions on how to cook my food.

Each recipe is packed very well together, with each ingredient sealed and labelled. I felt guilty that so much packaging was used. I’ve given my feedback (along with others, I’m sure) and suggested for a better way to manage packaging.

Having gone through only 3 recipes out of Urban Stove’s repertoire, I can say that they provide all the ingredients that you need to cook your meal, EXCEPT cooking oil, salt and pepper. Fair enough!

The vegetables and meats, though pre-portioned still need to be washed. Then it’s really just following the instructions on the recipe leaflet to cook your meal!

Urban Stove - recipes

I had selected the following 3 recipes: pasta with broccoli, chicken schnitzel, and spicy chicken in Hunan sauce with rice.

Each recipe took me 30 minutes or less to complete. It was also possibly the most stress-free, no-thinking required cooking I’d ever done.

If you’re new to cooking and seek to build your confidence in the kitchen, then this service is great for you. I’d definitely picked up some tips and tricks, and replicated the pasta dish using different ingredients to good feedback.

I can see Urban Stove working for just about anyone who do not want to eat out so often. It frees up your planning and prepping, while still giving you control over what you put into your food.

Urban Stove should be launched soon. Keep a lookout for them at their sites: UrbanStove.com and Facebook: UrbanStove.

Two things to note:

1) Currently they only deliver to anywhere in Klang Valley.
2) Me paid to write this post? Nope! :)

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