E-mail Suanie You can e-mail me if you wish to correspond and we could end up either a) having the greatest cyber-rendezvous in the history of Internet and leave it at that; b) meeting up in real life then fall in love, get married, adopt babies and live happily ever after; or c) hating each other so much that humankind lives in fear should we accidentally come across each other’s paths. The possibilities are endless.

Just to get this out of the way…

1) Please introduce yourself. I can’t quite read minds… yet.

2) Please use the Bcc: function if you have to mass-email.

3) I usually delete generic press releases sent by strangers.

4) Sometimes it might take me a while to reply you; me having a busy day job and all that.

5) But I read every e-mail I get! Except for generic press releases sent by strangers 😉

6) If we have not met face-to-face and you’ve received my number from someone else, please do not call me unless you want to save me from a nuclear explosion that would wipe out the world. E-mail instead.

The friendly contact form below is quite usable.