Loong Grill Fish & Seafood @ SS2 Wai Sek Kai (food court)

An ex-colleague took me to this place place where he claims serve good ‘lala mihun’ (rice vermicelli cooked with small clams) and grilled fish. I’m sold.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood in the well-known SS2 Wai Sek Kai (medan selera or food court) occupies stall no. 69. Apparently it’s a branch from its more famous Jinjang counterpart and has been featured in a few TV shows.

Two things about this place bothered me:

1) I don’t like eating in SS2’s food court. It’s hot, stuffy and did I mention hot and stuffy? Yes, there are plenty of good local food within this food court, but surely they could improve on the ventilation? Props to the unpretentious-ness of it all but I personally prefer an open air setting.

2) Loong grill fish and seafood? Loong grilled fish and seafood? Loong grills fish and seafood? Why Loong no put -ed or -s at the end of ‘grill’?

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - stall 69

Then our food arrived and I shut up. Sorry, I tend to get a wee bit nasty when I’m hot, stuffy and hungry.

The fried bihun with lala (fried rice vermicelli with small clams) comes in 3 sizes: RM6, RM10 and RM12. Decently cooked, not too wet nor dry.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - bihun with small lala clams

Next we had kam heong lala: clams cooked in a spicy sauce containing chili, curry leaves, dried shrimp, curry powder and soy bean paste. Choose your portion of either RM15 or RM22. The clams were fresh and delicious to eat.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - kam heong lala clams

Ah the killer fish dish – grilled stingray in tomyam. Comes in portions of RM13, RM18 and RM23, served with long beans and lady’s fingers.

The thick tomyam paste was spicy, sour and damn shiok to eat. Just so appetising especially with a bowl of warm white rice. It’s not for the faint-hearted because the spicy level of this dish could leave you drowning in your own sweat.

Also don’t believe Loong’s menu when they claim that this is ‘medium spicy’. They lied. If you’re the sort who think that a dab of curry powder is too spicy, well then this might kill you.

For everyone else, go ahead and give the ass kicking tomyam grilled fish a try.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - tomyam grilled fish

If you want a less spicy version, go for the asam grilled fish – stingray with tamarind sour and spicy sauce. Comes with more gravy, a better companion for white rice.

It lacks the ‘kick’ of the tomyam grilled fish. But you can’t eat too much of the tomyam grilled fish sauce, it’s just too spicy on its own! What do you do?

Easy – order both and combine the two. Best gravy for white rice, ever!

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - assam grilled fish

We tried the Penang grilled fish, stingray with a dry shrimp paste. I thought it was too much paste covering the taste of the fish. My other colleague enjoyed it though, saying that it was different. The dried shrimp smell can be a tad strong for some.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood, SS2 - grilled fish with dry prawn paste

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood serves other clams (e.g. balitong) in a variety of cooking styles, crabs, squid, prawns, Japanese snails etc. They also sell ‘stew soup’ if you’re into that kind of thing.

Oh ignore me, I’m just an occasional annoying snob whose Engrand can’t make it most of the time. My excuse? Belum makan…

So yes, I absolutely love Loong’s tomyam and assam grilled fish, I could eat it for days and days and days…

… and days.

Loong Grill Fish & Seafood
Stall no. 69, SS2 Wai Sek Kai (Food Court)
Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya.
Click for: Google Map
Opens 4pm to 12am. Closed every Thursday.



  1. oh yum. their kam heong bamboo lala is delish too. so excellent with the infamous wai sek kai RM5 beer.
    Ah fa recently posted..Short note.My Profile

  2. Think I should just go over now for supper…this post is making me lapar aje.
    missyblurkit recently posted..Blessed 2014My Profile

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