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not a sunnies kind of person and here’s why

1) Ridiculous Designs

Suanie in sunnies 01

2) Not in favour of the world constantly looking yellow

Suanie in sunnies 02

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Xpax Big Freekin' Sale [This is a Xpax Advertorial]

If you have a Blackberry (with BIS, not just the phone unit) and you are with Xpax, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this already: Xpax is having a Xpax Big Freekin’ Sale which is on-going now until 31st March 2010.

So if you are subscribed to the RM2.50 Blackberry Advance plan, this promotion entitles you to free access on weekends. Let’s say that you are currently paying for access from Monday to Friday. Get on the Xpax promotion then access on Saturdays and Sundays are zero-cost to you.

Part of the Xpax Big Freekin’ Sale includes daily prizes to be won. Spend RM5 or more a day and you stand a chance to some pretty cool toys, such as the MacBook Air, PSP Go, iPod Touch, Nokia XpressMusic 5730, Blackberry Curve 8520, HP Mini Notebook etc. For more info, go check out or dial *118# .

not all old people are sweet and nice

I was at Public Bank filling out a form at the counter. As per how one would fill out forms at a counter, I was leaning forward a bit with my arms placed in a writing position.

Out of nowhere a man in his 60s/ 70s showed up next to me. He said,

“Wah you are very big sized huh? Took up so much space at the counter…”

I was flabbergasted. I moved away but he smiled and said, “Never mind, never mind…”


obc: platoon vs platoon @ kepong metropolitan park

Selva announced that there would be a special Original Bootcamp Malaysia session, whereby the OBC KL platoon would compete against the OBC PJ platoon. Apparently it’s something that the OBC Australia does, and the OBC recruits would come out and participate akin a family day as well as make a donation in aid of a selected charity.

OBC Malaysia Platoon VS Platoon - 01

Initially I didn’t want to join because I’m active and sociable like that. Hello, bootcamp sessions 3 times a week then ask me to wake up before 5.45am on a Sunday morning for more exercise? You must be kidding me right?

But after some persuasion from Tate (as well as a promise by Sergeant Sim that he would make Tuesday’s session hell if we didn’t participate), I signed up lor. In the process, I helped to make sure that some of my fellow PJ Bravo recruits sign up as well. After all it wouldn’t be fun without your fellow team mates, right?

OBC Malaysia Platoon VS Platoon - 02

So last Sunday I woke up at 4.30 am, got ready and joined a convoy to Metropolitan Park @ Kepong. The only thing I know about the place is that people literally fly kites there, and that it’s a huge ass park. Reached on time to see the KL platoon recruits with red bandanas and war paint. They also sang a lot of songs that I didn’t comprehend, only ‘cos I was less than half-awake and was busy warming up.

I was expecting the session to be hardcore tough, maybe something like 500 grunts to be divided within the platoons, then steal the other party’s equipment + 50 push-ups at each station + prisoners and guards + 100 squats or mountain climbers in order to get to the next stop… I don’t know, something akin to our regular bootcamp sessions lor. Minus the mud and dirty water lah, because Metropolitan Park @ Kepong is a darn well-kept park.

OBC Malaysia Platoon VS Platoon - 03

Turns out it was a search and retrieve competition, with about 4 questions to be answered at selected stations. All we had to do was to follow a map that goes around the area to retrieve ropes, sandbags, tyres, mock rifles, backpacks and bazookas. The questions asked were (1) What is the OBC van’s number plates? (2) some Math question that I didn’t pay attention to because I suck at Math, (3) Where did the first OBC in Australia began?, and (4) When did OBC began in Malaysia? Each group also had to keep together within 3m of each other. Occasionally the OBC van would zoom by with a grinning Selva, Sergeant Sim and Corporal Jason checking on us.

At the end of the session, PJ platoon missed 3 stations whereas KL platoon missed 2. We all cannot read maps one mah, heh. KL platoon also won the Platoon VS Platoon challenge by 1 point. I am still very gutted okay… but c’est la vie, heh.

Sigh. Give me 2 weeks to get over it, then I can be gracious about us losing the challenge πŸ˜‰

OBC Malaysia Platoon VS Platoon - 04

But it was a lot of fun, and a very bonding event. Won’t go into the high jinks that we got into during our run πŸ˜› I understood that the initial PJ platoon turn out was to put it mildly, pathetic. On Sunday we had a strong 50 recruit turn out! Recruits whom we’ve never met before (due to different PJ sessions etc) came together and worked great as a team. The spirit was high and everybody did fantastic. I was, and I still am so proud of us, the Astaka Warriors πŸ™‚

We also raised RM3000+ for Rumah Ozanam. Great work, everybody!

OBC Malaysia Platoon VS Platoon - 05

Thanks to Selva, Sergeant Sim, Corporal Faizal, Corporal Jason, Corporal Elin etc for organising the event. Thanks to my fellow OBC recruits for being such great team mates! Looking forward to the next one!

the comedy club kl & macc cny edition

The Comedy Club - January poster Last night I went for The Comedy Club KL’s January show at PJLA with Kevin, Mi Lin and Faizal. I wouldn’t have known that there’s a comedy club in KL if Joanne did not alert me to it. From what little I understand, it’s a stand-up gig held every 3rd week of the month, featuring 3 comedians (changes monthly).

I won’t talk much about it here else I may ruin the jokes as well as your evening (if you’re planning to watch it). As KY often laments, I have a tendency to do that. All I’ll say is that…


For the January 2010 show, they have our own Joanne Kam Poh Poh, Rob Brown from Australia and Pierre Collins from UK. Each comedian brings their own local flavour to the show… different backgrounds and countries mah. But even if you were not born/ brought up in Malaysia/ Australia/ UK, you’ll still find it funny. Humour is universal mah πŸ™‚

The Comedy Club KL - Suanie with Rob Brown
Suanie with Rob Brown

There are 2 shows left – today and tomorrow. Both are at Velvet Underground at Zouk KL. Tickets are RM60 each, you can purchase them on-line at their website or just try your luck at the door.

MACC CNY Edition poster I would also like to pimp the MACC Chinese New Year Edition. A few of us went for their first run late last year, it was pretty good. This will be a more local flavour though, so you may need to be slightly in-tuned with what’s happening in the country.

The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Supreme Advisor of the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians (that’s how you get MACC πŸ˜‰ ) is funny man Douglas Lim. His cohorts are Chi Ho (whom I missed the first time round ‘cos he was down with chicken pox) and Kuah Jenhan. I saw Kuah Jenhan at a different comedy show and thought he was the best of the lot. Really talented with timing and delivery, keep your eye on this one!

Shows are on 27th – 31st January at 9pm at the PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One, with a 3pm show on the final day. Tickets cost RM28 for the first two days and RM38 for subsequent shows (excluding a RM2.20 ticket fee). Check out their website for more info on shows and tickets.


No doubt that Original BootCamp Malaysia has given me a lot. I’m sure some of you are sick of how I go on and on about OBC, how much better that I am feeling etc etc. My friends are so disgusted with me blogging about OBC so much that they subconsciously skip over the posts where I do not talk about OBC. Such is life.

The truth is that while I am really enjoying the process of getting fitter, there are some things that I have to sacrifice which I wish I didn’t have to. As I am enrolled in PJ Bravo, it means my Saturday morning sessions begin at 7am. I set my alarm to ring at 5.45am so I can snooze till 6. I’ll need at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep the night before else I’d really suffer on the field. Prior to that, I’ll need to reach home a couple of hours earlier because I need that time to chill out and calm down before I sleep.

This routine means that less or no time hanging out with my friends on Friday evenings. We used to chill out at Starbucks till closing time (they close at 2am at Centrepoint) and talked about everything under the sun and moon, fuelled by lattes and companionship. It was just our thing and it was something that I looked forward to at the end of every working week.

Another thing that I’ll miss are my boobs. I know that when you lose weight, your boobs will go too. All fat tissues mah. Doesn’t mean it hurts any less πŸ™

Goodbye, boobs.

cikgu ahmad of smk convent batu pahat

A friend posted on her Facebook that a teacher from our high school passed away this morning. Encik Ahmad Amir taught us Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah in Form 1 and Form 2. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember the exact subject for the year.

I remember En. Ahmad for 3 reasons. The first was that he was always dressed immaculately – a crisp light-coloured, short-sleeve shirt tucked in a pair of black trousers held together with a belt. His shoes were always shiny, his beard nicely trimmed, basically a clean, sharp appearance.

The second was the way he walked. En. Ahmad did not just walk through the corridors of SMK Convent BP – he strutted. His chest would be puffed up and his head a little higher and he trotted confidently but not in any way arrogant. I often wondered how he could see what and where he was walking because his eyes were always straight ahead. Well he did slipped into a drain once so I suppose that didn’t work out too well. A few of us were near him when he fell – of course we sniggered but he took it in his stride.

The third and most memorable was a lesson that he taught me. I was the opposite of the perfect student, and such did not always… errr, complete my homework. I thought his method of making us memorise the history book redundant, plus I was lazy to write a lot. Naturally I would always try to escape from him until one fine day when he finally caught up with me.

“Why are you afraid? Just own up that you did not do your homework. If you are afraid of something, you will eventually be scared of it. Fear leads to hatred. I don’t want you to hate me. That is not what I am here for.”

A Malay version of a Jedi Master, eh? Rest in peace.

obc: s06e04

After this morning’s session, I have only one thing to say…


OBC Trainers

When they specifically tell you not to drop the equipment, you do not drop the equipment. Even though your body’s twisted in excruciating pain, please take the extra 5 seconds to slowly lower your body and put down the equipment gently. We can wait.

Sekian, terima kasih.