the great penang getaway: august ’08: day three: beach, food, ludo

After breakfast at the hotel, we decided to walk across the road (there’s a connecting pedestrian bridge from the hotel to the other side of the road) to the beach.

Penang Aug 08 - 54 View of swimming pool from bridge
Photo of the hotel swimming pool area taken from the pedestrian bridge

We passed by a flight of steep and uneven stairs, and an aquarium with a couple of hideous looking eels. I hate eels.

Penang Aug 08 - 56 American eel in a tank
Unagi? Not for me

It was early-ish and there were not many people around. Was lovely to just walk a bit and play with the water and sand. You can view the rest of the beach photos at my Flickr set.

Penang Aug 08 - 63 Leave nothing but footprints
Leave nothing but footprints

We went back to our hotel room, packed and checked out. HPC came to get us and took us for lunch at an open-air food stall next to Fort Cornwallis (Padang Kota Lama). She said that they have the best mee sotong ever, never mind that I never had mee sotong before. There were a lot of people so we waited a while for our food.

Penang Aug 08 - 66 Mee sotong
The most fanfuckingtastic mee ever, sotong or what not!

The mee sotong was ridiculously delicious! It was also the one and only thing I craved for after coming back to KL. I was on MSN with Pinky the other night, and we both went, “I really want to eat the mee sotong now…” You must have it when you go to Penang. Like I said, it’s just next to Fort Cornwallis, you can’t miss it!

After lunch, we had nothing much to do so we headed over to Starbucks at Gurney Hotel. They had board games, so we played snakes and ladders and Ludo. Couldn’t really remember the rules for Ludo (or how to play it, even) so the instruction leaflet came in handy…

Penang Aug 08 - 68 Reading rules for Ludo
I have not touched one of these things since I was a child

HPC won the game. I was the first runner-up. Guess who was second πŸ˜›

Then HPC decided that we’d rested on our laurels long enough, and took us to eat char kuey teow at Macalister Road. I first had it when I was in Penang with KY many moons ago. Maybe we overate earlier, but the char kuey teow didn’t seem to be as fantastic as I’d remembered it to be.

Penang Aug 08 - 72 Sisters' Char Kuey Teow
Sisters’ char kuey teow

After our second lunch, HPC took us to the bus station for our ride back to KL. There ends our great Penang getaway. Thank you so much, HPC for everything you’ve done and more! We had a FANTASTIC time, and your company made it even better. Cheers!

*Click here to view the entire Flickr set for ‘Penang, August 2008’, which includes photos not published here. No. of photos in the set: 73.



  1. I gotta get myself some of that mee sotong!

  2. Suanie, your post just helped me decide to head out to Fort Cornwallis for lunch tomorrow. πŸ˜€ Geez, one could never have enough of that great stuff!

    Btw, you gals are great company and I had a blast too. And oh, the best part was kicking ass at Ludo! πŸ˜‰

    Sorry again abt not managing to meet up over the weekend. 2 days is just too damn short to play catch up after a 7-mth hiatus from KL/PJ. πŸ™

  3. KY you’re penangite what.. i’m sure u’ve heard of this mee goreng sotong…

  4. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos. I can’t remember where I saw that but it’s been burnt into my retinas. πŸ™‚

    Eel is good for your suanie!

  5. foxtrotecho says:

    Err Suan,

    “HPC won the game. I was the first runner-up. Guess who was second”

    First Runner Up = Second.
    Second Runner up = Third.

  6. grrr…. suanie makes me want to go back Penang…
    booked my flight dy.. yay!
    blek πŸ˜›

  7. ky: indeed!

    HPC: heh so jealous! that ludo was pure luck man .. (bitterness)

    ling: hah i’m sure you’ve had it?

    hB: mine too. i remember i first saw it in sabah when i was a wee kid

    spongefox: in the same sentence context, i was referring to it as ‘guess who was second runner up…” noob πŸ˜›

    sotong: next weekend? not going back rayA?

  8. The mee sotong quite spicy, but no doubt damn delicious.

  9. Macalister Road Sister’s is also famed for their Yam Cake..

  10. Why your pics no EXIF data lah Ms Suan.

  11. bryan: you can ask for the not-so-spicy version what

    suertes: oO i saw that on display

    azmeen: i don’t know!!! I was looking for it also. my settings set to ‘show exif data’.. but i can’t locate it anywhere on my flickr photos. why ar?

  12. I remember last time I ordered not-so-spicy version also need 2 cups of drink. LoL…

  13. Dropped in quality already Sisters CKT

  14. hey suanie,
    are the beaches in Penang still has crystal clear water?
    still in blue or green color?
    planning for a trip in dec πŸ™‚
    considering getaways in one of the beach in Penang.

  15. bryan: you noob πŸ˜›

    simon: i think so

    ee vonn: crystal clear water? penang?? maybe 10 years ago lah πŸ˜› for awesome island experiences, go to the east coast. or you could hire some boats and go out to some closer islands, the waters will be better there. it’s not going to be terribly awesome where the hotels are. but it can be fun and vibrant.

  16. “Crystal clear water in Penang”????

    *laffs till faint and falls over*

    It is but a myth now, Ee Vonn. No more clear water in Penang. I don’t remember seeing any clear water in the Penang seas even when I was a kid.. and trust me, that was a loooooonnggg time ago! πŸ˜€

  17. the mee sotong is mega. omg… its mega….

  18. OMFG. That mee sotong looked super delicious! I want mee sotongggggggggggggggggg!
    So sad now, thanks Suanie.


  19. HPC: heahhae but still pretty lah.

    aeroplane: was teh awesome! must try!

    faiez: awww… go have some hash brownies πŸ˜›

  20. char kuey teow? i’ll bear that on my mind, next time, when i travel to Penang, i’ll definitely try it! It looks delicious πŸ™‚

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