Ah Chew Laksa @ Glutton Street, Batu Pahat

There is something about Batu Pahat laksa. It is not as famous as Penang curry mee. But it is also less oily and less rich, though no less satisfying. The coconut milk gravy is lighter, so you can enjoy it often without worrying about arteries clogging.

(I’m not a dietitian, please don’t take my word for it)

Laksa Batu Pahat, Jalan Pengkai - Glutton Street laksa
A bowl of laksa from Glutton Street, Jalan Pengkai

The laksa of my childhood is at “Tam Chiak Kue” – Glutton Street. It’s this corner stall along Jalan Pengkai, behind The Store Jalan Rugayah, near the main bus station.

Laksa Batu Pahat, Jalan Pengkai - laksa stall

Mr Chew has been selling laksa and prawn noodles here for more than 30 years. His brother operates at the same stall selling the same thing during the day, but we’d only come here in the evening.

Laksa Batu Pahat, Jalan Pengkai - Mr Chew
The laksa man

What’s in a bowl of Batu Pahat laksa?

Your choice of noodles; we always opt for a combination of yellow noodles and rice vermicelli. Bean curd (tau kua), deep-fried bean curd skin with seasoned fish paste (tau ki), cuttlefish and cockles. A light coconut milk gravy; hot, fragrant and slightly spicy. Be sure to add a generous dollop of sambal chilli, homemade using dried shrimps for an extra kick.

Laksa Batu Pahat, Jalan Pengkai - Glutton Street laksa with chilli

The last I checked (Dec 2014), a small serving costs RM3.80. A large serving (with extra noodles) costs RM4.50. The serving you see above come with extra ingredients. I don’t remember how much it is.

If you go for a bowl of Mr Chew’s laksa, you MUST order ais kacang from the drinks stall next door. Also this part of Tam Chiak Kue is becoming ridiculously popular, getting a table may be a problem!

Ah Chew Laksa
(there’s no official name for this stall, I just made it up)
Glutton Street aka Tam Chiak Kue
Corner of Jalan Pengkai and Jalan Soga,
83000 Batu Pahat, JOHOR.



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