The story about the day when Ryan first met his sister

Ryan’s sister, whom we shall call Bit2 was a preterm baby. As such, she had to stay in the hospital for a month or so for the doctors to monitor her situation.

Ryan had no choice but to wait patiently for his sister to come home so they could meet for the first time.

The day finally arrived. That morning, Ryan was told that they would be bringing his sister home, maybe sometime later in the evening. Boy, was he excited! He ran and kicked and yelled and prepped himself, wondering about what it would be like, what he would say, and how well he would treat his baby sister.

He would be the bestest big brother! To serve, defend and protect his baby sister from those who dare toy with the idea of doing her grievous harm!

Oooo the very nerve!

It had been a full day of waiting and way past Ryan’s bed time, but finally they brought her in at 11pm.

Our dear Ryan ruuushhhheeddddd to the door, hastily opened it and laid eyes upon his little baby sister.

And his first words to her…

“So small one.”

And he turned around and went off to play.

— — —

To give you an idea of how little Bit2 was, here’s a photo of Ryan when he was 1.5 months old.

Ryan at 1.5 months

And here’s Bit2 at 1.5 months old.

Bit2 at 1.5 months

Now they are best of friends.

Ryan and Bit2 friends

And enemies.

Ryan & Bit2 enemies



  1. Hahahah…gambar last last yg best

  2. LOL! That last series of photos cracked me up… such a hilarious real-life comic strip. And the expression Z in that last one is just priceless!
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  3. rofl baby’s face in last photo is so epic!

  4. lydia teo says:

    Love those pics!

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