Aaron Craze (Rude Boy Food) @ Samplings on the Fourteenth

Lucky me received an invitation to dinner at Samplings on the Fourteenth where Aaron Craze of AFC’s Rude Boy Food fame would be showcasing his culinary skills.

I repeat, ridiculously lucky me! We started with some Kronenbourg who sponsored the beer for the event. Very glad they did too, I could never say no to a cold bottle of Kronenbourg Blanc!

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - Fireangel, Suanie, Michael
Getting started with AhFa and Mike

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - with Jojo
Man of the hour, Aaron Craze with host Jojo Struys

Aaron Craze was energetic and most entertaining, especially during his cooking demonstration (for his recipe for poached barramundi in yellow Darwin sauce, get it at *click*) and Q&A session. This is him getting stuck.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - stuck

Dinner was based on Aaron Craze’s recipes, diligently prepared by students and lecturers of the BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. In fact students from the school also helped to serve at the dinner. Truth to be told, I never had better service anywhere else in KL =)

First course, beef carpaccio with shaved pickled radish and micro greens.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - beef carpaccio

Thinly sliced delights with a bit of cheese and balsamic vinegar, it was an excellent start to dinner. Wish I’d snatched my neighbour’s plate for he refused to eat beef πŸ˜‰

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - scallop crudo

Scallop crudo with pomegranate, crispy ginger, shiso cress and coconut. Very delicate flavours, accentuated by the ginger and slice of coconut flesh. The combination of it came off rather well in a bite.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - snow pea and spearmint soup

Snow pea and spearmint soup. Like your regular hearty pea soup (but possibly nicer) and tasting of mint! We were pleasantly surprised by this one.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - wasabi crusted lamb

Wasabi crusted lamb with braised Chinese leeks. Did the photo speak for itself? Tasted as good and succulent as it looked.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - poached barramundi with yellow Darwin sauce

And the poached barramundi with yellow Darwin sauce and pak choi that Craze showed us how to prepare earlier. The trick with this is that you need to eat it quickly after it was cooked, else the fish would continue to (over)cook in the warm sauce.

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - panna cotta

For dessert, it was Thai basil panna cotta with Scottish shortbread biscuit and poached rhubarb. Asian basil with Italian sweets?? Boy, you do go to some lengths to be different. And oddly enough, a bit of basil with your panna cotta is just the way to spice up a classic dessert!

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - Berjaya University College of Hospitality
Craze with the students of BERJAYA UCH who worked hard to prepare our meal!

And this is me with Aaron Craze!

Aaron Craze, Rude Boy Cooks in Kuala Lumpur - with Suanie

Catch Aaron Craze on Rude Boy Food on the Asian Food Channel (AFC) every Thursday at 11pm.

For gourmet treats, do check out Samplings on the Fourteenth, a fine dining restaurant at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. It’s actually the training restaurant for Berjaya UCH students so you can expect nothing but the best service in town. Good reviews on TripAdvisor too.

Thanks for having me! =)



  1. He looks like a funny guy! πŸ˜‰ Damn tall ! πŸ˜› Oh and the poached barramundi with yellow darwin sauce looks er.. damn yellow. nice ar?
    ciki recently posted..10 Things to do in SydneyMy Profile

  2. Hmmm, I actually look kinda slim here hahaha

  3. That Carpaccio looks to die for, it reminded me that for years carpaccio used to be my favorite dish to try on any menu…

  4. Suertes says:

    I remember going to the hotel student’s restaurant at Pernas International (next to the old KL Hilton) ages ago. The food and service was only so-so. I guess the prices at Samplings would be less pricey than a real fine dining establishment??

    • Hmmm but Samplings IS a real fine dining restaurant. For lunch, the students cook, supervised by lecturers and chefs.. For dinner, they have proper, graduated chefs πŸ˜‰

      • Well, as you put it, the eager students put on a better show than the ‘pros’ so I guess I’m being unfair if I call them ‘not real’ haha!

  5. Overall the students at Berjaya cook well. Strangely that afternoon when Aaron was present, they totally screwed up his ravioli dish. Didn’t look or taste anywhere close to the one he made smack before our eyes. Left the boy quite visibly upset but he recovered real fast and went on to prepare dessert,
    missyblurkit recently posted..Rude Boy Cooks: Aaron CrazeMy Profile

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