Brunch @ The Red Beanbag, Solaris Dutamas

I’ve been wanting to check out The Red Beanbag ever since I found out that my friends at The Accidental Bakers is one of their cake suppliers. I made plans to bring my mom as well because we were willing guinea pigs for their glorious Guinness chocolate cake and we wanted more more more!

The Red Beanbag is in Solaris Dutamas next to Publika. As displayed on their signboard “some stairs are worth climbing!” you’ve to walk up a flight of stairs to get to the cafe. Not sure how this would work when it rains and you’re without an umbrella.

The Red Beanbag, Publika - stairs

Along with my friends Joyce and Cynthia, we tried out a few items on their menu.

The Red Beanbag, Publika - coffee and breakfast

Eggs Benedict (RM15.90): poached eggs with hollandaise, asparagus, mushroom and beef bacon.Love poached eggs, not sure about the beef bacon as it was a bit tough. But that’s the nature of most beef bacon. Don’t really get why a lot of pork-free outlets feel the need for beef bacon just because. A substitution with chicken ham would have been nicer, to me at least.

Signature Breakfast (RM19.90): toast, eggs (poached/ fried/ scrambled), sauteed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, beef/chicken sausage, beef bacon, baked beans and hash browns. Decent but would have preferred a better quality sausage…?

Specialty Baked Eggs (RM17.90): eggs, bratwurst, sundried tomatoes, potatoes and cheese served with crusty bread. Nice combination though the bratwurst was a bit tough for me.

The Red Beanbag, Publika - mains and dessert

Fowl Luck (RM25): roasted chicken thigh with herb potatoes, mushrooms, olives and mushroom gravy. Cyn liked it, said the meat was tender and juicy.

Seafood pasta (RM29.90 for main): mixed seafood with freshly pressed pasta. Think too much butter was used, would have been better with a sprinkling of chilli. Scallops were lovely.

My Nutty Professor (RM8): delicious mousse. Cyn enjoyed this very much, I didn’t have a go but maybe on my next visit.

Guinness chocolate cake (RM12.xx): Description from TAB’s page which rings true to every syllable: Dense, moist, rich and chocolaty with a underlying depth of Guinness, this is the cake for you if you like your chocolate cakes deep and dark. The cake is dressed in a dark chocolate sauce and shards of chocolate for a very satisfying piece of cake.

The Red Beanbag, Publika - eating Guinness chocolate cake

Delicious! We ordered 3 slices for sharing, it was the perfect finish to a lovely brunch.

The Red Beanbag, Publika - grandma and grandkids
Fed and happy

Overall I enjoyed my first visit to The Red Beanbag. Food-wise, it was a hit and miss so I know what to get next time (by the way the classic French toast is a must-try, I had a bite and it was delicious!). Ambiance is relaxing and service is attentive. Prices are nett, none of those ++ nonsense but you can always leave a tip for the staff.

Ah darn, looking at my photos, I think I’ll go back this weekend 😀

The Red Beanbag
A4-1-08, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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  1. Loving the brekkie there! And chocolate cake zomg looks so guuudd!!! I’ll have that instead of breakfast next time haha

  2. great place for pancakes, i agree! and the coffee is superb;) nice shots woman….

  3. i so agree with the bit about the beef bacon! anyway, am a huge fan of brunch so will definitely make a trip there next time i’m in kl. =)

  4. Hsu Jen: WHY NOT HAVE BOTH?? 😀

    ciki: hehe thanks! i’m going to try the pancakes and french toast (all to myself) on my next trip

    lishun: it’s actually breakfast but i don’t wake up early enough for breakfast on weekends 😉 they’ve a host of other non-breakfast items too

  5. let’s go on sunday with the whole family

  6. Uh… can access via covered walkway from Publika also la. Don’t need to take the uncovered stairs.

  7. LT: ok!

    K: Ohh…. didn’t know mah!! was my 2nd time in publika

  8. bacon > turkey bacon > beef bacon. I just started going to Red Beanbag, but they don’t do dinners yet so it’s a bit hard. Fowl Luck looks good though. Must try, must try.

  9. hate beef bacon! totally unflavourful:-(

    Red Bean Bag has yummy eggs! I wanna go there and get egged! Hmmm sounds not right. I wanna go there and eat eggs:D


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