american chili’s bangsar says there’s a marked difference between a vodka orange and a screwdriver

Reading Thirsty Blogger‘s post on a reader’s bad experience at American Chili’s, Bangsar reminded me of an almost similar incident years ago. Similar as in the staff at American Chili’s Bangsar we had to deal with had zero point zero clue about the basic nature of food and drinks and they were quite rude about it too.

A bunch of us were at the said outlet. If I remember correctly, it was a small gathering among close friends to celebrate KY‘s 2xth birthday. We had lots of booze and food and a jolly good time until…

I’d been ordering vodka oranges all noon, happy hour long. For my final order, I asked for a vodka orange. The dude probably didn’t hear me well so I repeated that I want a vodka orange; a screwdriver.

To cut the story short, I was charged double the price of a Happy Hour vodka orange. Why? Because I ordered a Screwdriver. Err… what is the difference between a vodka orange and a screwdriver? I don’t know, but they are different so we have to charge you separately. Vodka orange is essentially one part vodka and two parts orange juice, no? Yah but for a Screwdriver, we add more vodka so the charges are different. WTF I’ve been ordering vodka oranges the WHOLE AFTERNOON so wouldn’t it make sense that I’d wanted a happy hour vodka orange instead of your version of a screwdriver?!?!

And on and on and on. The manager came out, insisted that we were incorrect, and that a vodka orange and a screwdriver are different items. But we’ve ordered it from other Chili’s outlets, they never messed up our orders.. are you saying that they are all wrong? Yes.

Honestly it was the stupidest argument ever. I felt stupider and stupider quarrelling over whether or not a vodka orange and a screwdriver are the same thing. It was like, there was peace in Middle East and nothing left on earth to argue about.

Deep also kena this situation before, but he didn’t cower and pay the full amount like I did.

Like I said, it has been years since the incident but I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s so ridiculously stupid that I think I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

various human expressions

When friends stood you up over 6+ hours for food, they become willing participants to camwhoring sessions. Except for KY, who has a Mother Earth-instilled generous selfless nature and is always willing to share his good self with the rest of the unworthy humankind.

Today we shall be exploring the various human expressions.

First there were the grins.

Human expressions: grinning

Then came the sulks.

Human expressions: sulking

And pissy wissy.

Human expressions: pissed off

Which led to hamsapness.

Human expressions: hamsap

They also paid for late lunch/early dinner and accompanied me to watch SATC reruns for the rest of the evening. Thanks Paul and Kenneth! May you not fly 6+ hours aeroplane next time. Even I don’t do that… heh…