Fat Olive Food Garage, Dataran Prima

I love Fat Olive Food Garage. It’s in Menara Prima inside of Dataran Prima. The food is good, the wine better. The ambiance is cosy, a testament to owners’ personal touch and hospitality.

Fat Olive Food Garage, Petaling Jaya

Spanish chef Kike (pronounced Kee-Kay) and Malaysian ex-advertising exec Stacee decided to move back from Shanghai to enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. Thus Fat Olive was born, in a quiet location that seemed out of place for their selected menu and pricing.

I was curious, and asked Stacee on their decision to stay put in Dataran Prima. I mean, it’s great for me, not having to leave my extended neighbourhood to get city quality restaurant food. But surely they would be able to draw a larger crowd if they were in, say, Bangsar or Changkat?

Fat Olive Food Garage - restaurant

“Nope nope nope,” said Stacee, “it can get a little quiet but this is a great set-up for us. We didn’t make the decision to come back, to get back into the rat race.”

For now she is hopeful that customers can recognise quality when they see and taste it. Chef Kike is particular about the ingredients in his kitchen, and how food is served to customers. Try requesting to takeaway their Spanish octopus, then watch them awkwardly, apologetically attempt to diffuse your enthusiasm, haha.

“Suanie, the quality would be so different… the octopus would be so tough… it’s really not recommended for takeaway. You would have such a bad impression of our food ๐Ÿ™ Please choose something else?”

Okay okay.

Fat Olive serves sandwiches, burgers, al dente pasta and risotto, all from RM28+. If you need your pasta and risotto to be overcooked and mushy like how the rest of Malaysia erroneously does it, please make a special mention to the chef.

Fat Olive Food Garage - tapas platter

The fun menu starts from 6pm. Fat Olive’s Tapas Platter (RM135+) is an assortment of goodies – home-made sourdough bread, smoked chicken croquettes with arugula and parmesan shaves, Spanish tortilla, serrano ham, iberico chorizo/salami cold cuts, mussels in spicy tomato sauce, deep-fried calamari, baked eggplant with bacon and mozzarella cheese, and tiger prawns with chilli and garlic. Perfect for sharing, best accompanied by a decent selection of wine and beer.

Fat Olive Food Garage - enjoying tapas platter

They have lamb, tenderloin, and sous vide iberico pork ribs. There’s also Spanish octopus on roasted chat potatoes and red pepper with caramelised onion, and Spanish smoked paprika (RM92+).

Fat Olive Food Garage - Spanish octopus with paprika

Beautifully cooked octopus, tender and succulent. Comes at a bit of a hefty price tag, then again the cost of imported goods isn’t cheap. This is one tantalising meal that I would be glad to eat again, and again, and again, and again.

Fat Olive Food Garage - Spanish octopus

Their seared yellow fin tuna (RM78+) was delicious, says my friend Gary.

Fat Olive Food Garage - seared yellow fin tuna

I’m not one for uncooked or semi-cooked fish, so I didn’t try some. Though I bet it would go down great with the range of wines available at Fat Olive…

Fat Olive Food Garage - wine and sangria

Spanish wine is favourable to the palate, so easy to drink. I enjoyed the house white, the Hoya De Cadenas, Chardonnay 2015, from Utiel Requena (RM32+ a glass, RM158+ per bottle). And the El Perro Verde, Verdejo 2013, from Rueda (RM199+) which was a bit intense, fruity with a bold medium-long finish. Funny how it seems ridiculous to describe the taste of wine, eh. But it’s something you can only know once you’ve tasted said wine, to understand the meaning of each seemingly superfluous description.

Medium-long finish can also mean other things, but this is now a family-friendly blog.

Fat Olive Food Garage - dessert

The creme brulee and chocolate mousse were decadently delicious. That’s all.

Fat Olive Food Garage (non-halal)
B-G-17, Menara Prima, Jalan PJU 1/39
47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-7887 5068

Opens from 1st to 25th every month.
Lunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

Facebook: FatOliveFoodGarage

Check out La Cocina, USJ9 for homely Spanish delights

I have fond memories of La Cocina; its warm hospitality, cosy ambiance and in my opinion, the best red wine Sangria in town.

In my mind, La Cocina is a smiling distant relative: you know they’re there and you know that you should visit more often, but never do.

I recently revisited the restaurant and was pleased to see that it hasn’t changed… much. Sure, the menu saw a bit of tweaking with a couple of my favourites gone, but a friendly chat with the owner, Jega quickly sorted things out. Fish croquette not on the menu and not available? Jega will give you the equally delicious chicken croquette, also not on the current menu but is available!

Or maybe I was just in luck. Either way, I wasn’t complaining!

La Cocina Spanish restaurant USJ9 - red wine Sangria
Red wine Sangria at RM69++ per pitcher

La Cocina Spanish restaurant USJ9 -  assorted tapas
A selection of tapas

For the two of us, we ordered gratinated eggplants in tomato sauce (my favourite!), chicken croquette and fresh button mushrooms in cream sauce. Soak up the rich sauces with endless servings of bread!

La Cocina Spanish restaurant USJ9 -  Paella Negres
The main dish of the evening

Then came the paella Negres – Spanish rice cooked in squid ink, prawns, fish fillet, squid, mussels, clams and vegetables. The supporting star of dinner (‘cos the main star was the Sangria ๐Ÿ˜› ), a pan of seafood essence (maybe ‘cos of the squid ink perception, not sure) and hearty to the max.

La Cocina Spanish restaurant USJ9 -  homemade rum raisin ice-cream
Homemade rum ‘n raisin ice cream

Stuffed as we were, we wanted dessert. Too full for the signature creme catalana so we had a scoop of homemade rum ‘n raisin ice cream.

La Cocina Restaurant & Tapas Bar
No. 38 USJ9/5P,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.046711, 101.587143
Tel: 03-8023 2395