getting chummy with patrick teoh *smooches*

Yesterday a bunch of us crashed Patrick Teoh’s new talk show to be part of the audience. The studio was in the middle of nowhere, and we arrived just in time to listen to some AF finalist mess up her lyrics over and over again.

Yeay ST and Nazrul found the whisky! Rejoice!!!!111111oneoneoneoneone

ShaolinTiger with Kaki Cucuk Langit

Patrick and TV Smith discussing what’s next (TV Smith is the writer for the show), poor Pinkpau was tired for she had been serving tea all day long, KY looks normal for once, and Patrick got fitted for his audio stuff.

Patrick Teoh, TV Smith, Suanie, PinkPau, KY, Patrick Teoh

Jaime, me, Kim and Fireangel… we all love Patrick!

Jaime, Suanie, Fireangel, Kimberlycun with Patrick Teoh

With lovely Ida Nerina, the celebrity guest for the slot we went to.

Group with Ida Nerina

Apparently we missed Alex Yoong by one slot. Lucky us.

The band was pretty good. At the end of the show the drummer banged the shit out of his drum set to Tiesto’s Traffic. Fuwahh, terror sial!

Kimberlycun, Fireangel, Suanie with a couple members of the band

This Saturday the band will be playing at Bangkok Jam (same row as Eden off Jalan Bkt. Bintang), so if you are free you might want to check them out. No cover charge.

We also took over the couch…

Group on the couch

Overall it was a new-ish experience, it would have been much better if Patrick was allowed to go ‘niamahhhhh!!!’ on air. Would have definitely spiced up things, eh? 😛 At least he’s a natural and it is always nice to meet him.

Humble and down-to-earth celebrities, we like!