Preparing for Genting Trailblazer 2010

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Zairinator! The Genting Trailblazer 2010 is near and I am officially FREAKED OUT! I have only myself to blame for not training properly, boo hiss! So far my only effort was to get back into Bootcamp. It’s a great kick to my sorry behind but there’s a lot to be done!

By the way, Bootcamp’s Bring-A-Friend Day is this week: Friday at Padang Merbuk, KL at 5.45am or 7am and Padang Astaka, PJ at 6.45pm, and this Saturday at Padang Astaka at 5.45am or 7am. Click here to enroll to experience Bootcamp for a session! Questions? Just ask me or at the Facebook Group.

So. I asked a fellow Bootcamper, the Zairinator for tips that would keep me, a first-timer to the Trailblazer alive. Here I share with you some of the stuff he told me, as well as photos from his and his wife Helly’s participation last year. You’re welcome!

1. Food and Drinks

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Uphill
Helly walking through the easier uphill part

Eat at least 2 hours before the event. This is to avoid stitches, cramps and pukes. Zairin says to eat 2 power bars and 1 power gel, or maybe that’s just his diet :P He recommends a hydration pack for beginners, and perhaps also pack a couple of power gels in your bag.

2. Clothes and Shoes

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Down the muddy slope
Whoa, check out the muddy slope

T-shirt and shorts are fine. If you want to minimise injuries from the jungle (i.e. cuts from twigs and leaves), wear something with long sleeve. Best to wear tights as 1st layer, then shorts as 2nd layer because if you go down slopes like that, it might rip. Just saying!

Zairin recommends a pair a half-fingered cycling gloves. A cheap pair will do, but it’s essential because you’ll be holding on to branches, ropes and other rough stuff. Your hands will get nasty blisters if you don’t protect them.

As for shoes, my New Balance All-Terrain pair got his approval. Be sure to tighten the shoelaces, make it a tight fit. Else you could kiss your shoes aka feet protection in the middle of the jungle or mud…

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Mud, shoe killer
Behold the shoe killer!

3. Train Train Train!

Actually he didn’t tell me that, it is more of a mental note to myself. I need Kevin to scream at me :( Okay, personal aim: do Bukit Gasing at least once before the Trailblazer!!

More photos from Zairin and Helly’s participation in Genting Trailblazer 2009:

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - wade through ponds

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Overcoming obstacles

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Crawling under the net

Genting Trailblazer 2009 - Zairin and Helly proud finishers

Okay, I need to go to MyCoreZone soon for supplies.

Are you participating this year? Anything else I should keep in mind or look out for? I already know there are no leeches, so don’t try to scare me!! :D

Suanie and Alex for Genting Trailblazer 2010!

I first heard of the Genting Trailblazer last year when one of my Bootcamp buddies, Ean Mei participated. Running through a jungle, up and down hills, jump into natural mud baths… HELL YEAH SIGN ME UP!

Unfortunately I wasn’t fit last year (kickstarted my fitness journey only in August 2009) plus it was too late for me to register. Well even if I had the chance to do it then, I wouldn’t have because I’m chicken shit. Not one for tough work, really… my Mom didn’t tell me anything about that when she gave birth to me so I didn’t sign the consent form to go through hardship.

… but this sort of things sounds just right up my alley. So this year, I mustered up the courage to sign up for Genting Trailblazer 2010. Found myself a partner for it even, yay! Say hi to Alex!

Suanie and Alex @ Changkat BB
Suanie and Alex at Original Bootcamp‘s 1st Birthday Bash! Photo by Joyce.

Alex is a fellow Bootcamper, though he’s in the Petaling Jaya Alpha (5.45am) platoon and I’m in Petaling Jaya Bravo (7am). I’d warned him that I’d be doing this for the fun and adventure of it, not for any kind of competition. Our own time and pace and all that. He’s okay with it and we’re good to go!

… on Halloween this year lah, not now. So let’s see, we have about 3 months to train for this shindig. Nick suggested jogs and runs through FRIM and Bkt Gasing, while me and Alex’s vision of training has more to do with beer down our bellies. Well then, wish us luck!

Xtreme Martial Arts – Kickboxing @ Plaza Damas

Asha from Original Bootcamp does kickboxing at Xtreme Martial Arts at Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas. She kindly organised a trial session for a bunch of us so we could have a taste of their sessions.

AVS Bathi led us through our session. Bathi, a World Kick Boxing Champion is also the Founder and President of the Malaysia Kickboxing Federation (WKA). Having represented the country many times for TaeKwon-Do and Kickboxing (and won several medals at that), you know that you’re getting the real deal here.

Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 01 Warming up Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 02 Warming Up
Stretching and warming up

Indeed, Bathi was an excellent instructor. Even with my poor coordination (AND poor comprehension of coordination), I found that I could understand what he was teaching, which is the mark of an experienced teacher. He was also rather strict, heh.

Besides going through some really basic kicks and punches (emphasizing on postures and stretching), Bathi also made us do lots of sit-ups, plank holds, burpees… Felt a bit like being at Original Bootcamp without the grass and mud, quite a thorough workout!

Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 03 Learning to stretch Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 04 Learning to punch
The steps before learning the basics

Very much enjoyed myself even though I was a bit dizzy from slight dehydration, but that’s another story. If you’re looking for a place to get your kickboxing kicks, I do think that Xtreme Martial Arts is a good place to learn your stuff. They also have other classes, e.g. TaeKwon-Do. As we were leaving, a bunch of guys were just about to begin their Russian martial arts lessons. They had large sticks, hmm…

Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 05 Group photo
Us with Bathi

Xtreme Martial Arts - Kickboxing - 06 Group photo
Us posing…

From what I understand, public classes are inexpensive. Something like RM200 a month and you can attend as many public classes as you want. Quite a good deal for what you’ll be getting, actually! If you have a group of 10 or more, you could arrange for private classes. For more information, you can contact them at…

Xtreme Martial Arts / Kickboxing
A-2-2 (A003) 1st Floor, Plaza Damas,
Parklane Walk Shopoffice,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel/ Fax: +603-6203 4749
Mobile no: +6012-232 6749
Click here to view Google Map

Muay Thai @ MuayFit

Last Friday, I went for a trial session of Thai boxing at MuayFit with Hafiz, Yati and Tate. Was in a bit of a rush because I attended Original BootCamp Malaysia‘s Bring-A-Friend Day at PJ PM, and was covered in sweat and dirt. Must have looked funny to by-passers.

Turned out I need not have rushed because there was a miscommunication or misunderstanding… and they did not prepare enough trainers for us for the trial session. So as it turned out, we had about 10 to 15 minutes each with the same trainer, Adan.

Tate went first so we mucked about with the equipment in MuayFit. A video showing how to work the TRX was on the wall telly, so we gave it a (very, very brief) try.

TRX @ MuayFit
TRX fun

As for the Thai boxing itself… well I suppose it would be fun if I knew what I was doing. But I guess that comes with lessons, though I have to say being able to clearly communicate with your trainer would be a major plus. It was fun, and all the body rotating helped me with my swimming lesson on Sunday. There was also a deeply satisfying feeling of punching hard and on target!

Think we’re going back this week for the 2nd half of our trial. Will see how it goes!

Muay Thai @ MuayFit
Tate, Hafiz and Suanie with Adan the trainer

If you’d check their website, there are details on how to get 2 trial sessions at MuayFit. It’s a limited offer as they’d just opened their centre about a month ago. Feel free to check it out, let me know if you do!

PowerSwim: Baby steps to learning swimming

There was a moment last Sunday when I felt shivers down my spine.

No, it was not due to the unheated swimming pool at the National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil. Though I have to say, having to immerse yourself in cold water when your body is still warm and toasty at 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning is not the most pleasant thing in the world. A more pleasurable alternative would be the English breakfast at Jarrod & Rawlins, but I digress.

No, it was not caused by the half-naked Caucasian male overseeing his two sons doing the backstroke at the very same pool. But you should have seen him – tall with a good mop of wavy hair, stunning manly facial features and oh, the shoulders the abs the arms! Any more beautiful, he would have been the Vitruvian Man.

It was at a time when I felt so frustrated because I was not getting it right. I asked my swimming instructor, Abdul Hafiz if I could skip learning how to swim freestyle and jump to breast stroke as the latter is something I already know how to do. Not perfectly, could use a lot of polishing but it doesn’t give me the problems I’m encountering with learning how to do it freestyle.

Then he looked at me, smiled softly and said, “I know you can do it Suanie. Just give yourself time to learn. Give me time to teach you, because I know I can do it.”

Okay lah. You’re the swimming expert, I trust you :)

Swimming lessons with PowerSwim
With my swimming mates, and instructor Abdul Hafiz of PowerSwim

So yes, I’m learning how to swim. Will tell you more about it later!