When things don’t quite gel

Road near Belimbing, Pahang
Taken somewhere in Belimbing, Pahang

Sometimes things come together, sometimes they don’t
We do what we can, pray for a helping hand
Sometimes we are blessed, sometimes we are not
Keep on believing anyway.

Meanwhile in Pagoh…

Bent steel street lamp

I wonder what happened there.

I watched Prometheus so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Just so we’re clear, this is a very short profanity-laced post about the shit movie that is Prometheus.

*spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert* *spoiler alert*

Am I getting old(er) or did Ridley Scott run out of ideas? Or humankind has plateaued in commercial movie making that I really have seen it all? Has the world become so hung-up on big names that x film by a famous director can’t possibly be that fucked up? Are the advertising people from an alien planet that when they gather to think of ways to market the product, they do not take into account what the movie actually is about?

Ohh look signs and symbolisms. Ohhh this is supposed to mean something. That dot back there in the most obscure of places has the deepest meaning that would change the face of the universe, if only they knew. Read behind the lines of the lines of the fucking lines. You know what?


Yes it would be fucking revolutionary if you did this say, pre-JJ Abrams. Whoah then all that obvious hints about there’s more to the surface shit would be like, blowing my mind. BUT WAIT A MINUTE RIDLEY SCOTT. Along came JJ Abrams with Lost and Fringe and that means you’re toast. Can’t use the same shit anymore. Yes yes of course Alien was groundbreaking in 1979.. wait a minute, that was 33 FUCKING YEARS AGO!!! THE WORLD HAS MOVED ON TO BETTER BIG BUDGET MOVIES AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!

(Except for Wrath of the Titans. Boy, was that movie maximum shit or what.)

The only good thing in Prometheus was Michael Fassbender who probably researched his role by watching Brent Spiner as Data on repeat.

Let’s be clear: Prometheus didn’t start out too bad. Then it fucked up in the middle and at end, it was nothing but a big pile of stinking fly-infested maggot-ridden @#*(@#)@)($&@#$*


Piece of shit. Fuck off Prometheus. I’ll never believe in the Ridley Scott hype again.

Nah, link to a blog post talking about the hidden meanings in Prometheus. Doesn’t excuse the piss poor crap that is the movie though. *link*

Of pau, mantou, Mom and fillings

I love my Mom. I also love pau jokes. So I told my Mom pau jokes. She laughed so hard that I got a bit worried till I realised she wasn’t going to get a stroke or something, then I joined in the laughter :D

Q: Char shao pau and mantou went to watch a sad movie. Char shao pau cried, but mantou didn’t cry. Why?
A: Cos mantou got no filling.

Q: Char shao pau and Da pau went to watch a sad movie. Char shao pau cried but Da pau cried harder. Why?
A: Cos Da pau got more filling.

Q: Char shao pau and Kou rou pau went to watch a sad movie. Char shao pau cried but Kou rou pau cried and cried and cannot stop crying. Why?
A: Cos Kou rou pau cannot contain his fillings.

Q: Char shao pau and Lin yong pau went to watch a sad movie. Char shao pau cried and cried but Lin yong pau laughed and laughed. Why?
A: Cos they got different filling.

Notes for those who caught no ball:
-: pau/ pao/ bau/ bao = buns
-: Char shao pau/ Char siew pao looks like this: *click*
-: Mantou looks like this: *click*
-: Da pau/ Da rou bao looks like this: *click*
-: Kou rou pau/ kong bak bao/ kong ba pau looks like this: *click*
-: Lin yong pau/ lotus seed paste bun looks like this: *click*

So, at the launch of José Cuervo Reloaded…

So this is the first time I’m blogging about an event that I didn’t attend (because I was at Brewfest) but I saw the photo attached with the press release and had a chuckle.

José Cuervo Reloaded, The Pool, Ampang 2012

Cool or what? It also reaffirmed my thoughts as to why Carlsberg Malaysia is forging ahead because the top people are not afraid to get down and groovy for the sake of the products. Good on you folks :)

A present from Berlin

I received the loveliest present from my friend in Berlin. It took me a while before I finally went to KL to retrieve it (thanks Delia! <3 ) and I thought it was so sweet that it deserves to be shared. I'm sure he wouldn't mind :)

Present from Berlin - Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting
A book, a postcard and chocolate

Present from Berlin - inscription

Present from Berlin - inserted photo
As I flipped through the book, I came upon this photograph that he’d inserted inside the pages..

Present from Berlin - words on photo
… with these words

Simple yet thoughtful and sweet. Who still does these things?? Thank you C, I appreciate it :)

Celcom’s Mother’s Day SMS message

So, I received a SMS on Mother’s Day from Celcom:

Celcom Mother's Day sms screenshot

Uhm, thanks but I:

a) ticked the ‘single’ box when I signed up for my Celcom account; and
b) did not say I agree to be spammed by Najib Razak or anyone via Celcom.

Wonder if this is even legal…