How hard can it be to get a roti kosong at lunchtime??

At about 12.45pm today, I was overcome with strong emotions of missing my old workplace.

I had a craving for good ol’ roti kosong tsunami-ed in dhal and kari ayam. What do you do when you really want something? You reach out for it, right? Or in my case, drive out to the nearest mamak restaurant in hopes of satisfying my craving.

Or in my case today, 3 mamak restaurants. Guess what? Nobody wanted to make me roti kosong at lunchtime!!

Gier had warned me before, that they do not serve roti of any sorts for midday meals. Very likely so they could quickly sell off their nasi campur which of course brings in more revenue.

“That is ridiculous,” I replied, “mamak restaurants have GOT to sell roti kosong, that’s what they are supposed to do!! You wait and see.”
“All right, just saying,” he shrugged.

Turned out, the founding member of MILF-PRON was once again right. Luckily for me he detected my immense disappointment and having gone through dark periods in his life dealing with menstruating women, wisely decided to forgo the ‘I told you so’.

Where I used to work, there’s a mamak restaurant with obliging workers who’d make me roti kosong at any time of the day. I hardly believe I alone get preferential treatment because I’ve walked by at lunchtime to see customers happily tucking into their humble roti kosong, roti telur, roti bawang, roti sardin and what-not.

That’s how you make your customers happy, right?? By giving them what they want!!!

Screw you, I was going to order a Nescafe ais to go with my roti kosong. Guess you missed out on the RM2 boo f- hoo.


Of pizza delivery and racist dogs

So I ordered pizza for delivery because the result of a last minute culinary attempt turned out inedible.

By the way there’s a current promotion on Pizza Hut where you get a free pizza if you order on-line via their website. Having gone through their on-line ordering process, I honestly feel that I deserved the free pizza, whether or not I end up ordering on-line. In summary I had to sign up for TWO accounts just to place an order. It might have been almost acceptable in say, 2002. But not really because at that time, I worked for an e-commerce site. Want to buy something from our site? Certainly, sign up for an account and click click click to add items to your cart. So I do know how it works. This completely boggles the mind.

The pizza delivery boy came. As he was leaving, I heard the neighbour’s dog bark at him. Side track: I live in an apartment type of building and you’re not supposed to have dogs as pets living in your apartment. Some of the people living here do. I don’t give a shit as long as they don’t bark the place down (yappy dogs are the worst) or poo everywhere. Live and let live, within reason of course.

So the yappy dog barked at the delivery boy, who is of Malay ethnicity. Driven by hunger, my mind started wondering: if dogs kept by Chinese bark at Malays and Indians, then dogs kept by Malays (no, it’s not haram) and Indians bark at who?

Think about it.


Going to be away for more than a week. Will be in my late grandfather’s motherland.

Lots of things have happened, some good some bad some great some not.

But part of growing up means learning to appreciate the better side of unfortunate luck.

For example, my car battery died as I was about to go run errands. But luckily for me, the next day was a Saturday and not a Sunday when most mechanics would be closed.

Last night, my notebook died. Really sucks BUT luckily for me, it happened last night so I could send it to the ‘hospital’ where it’d take at least a week for them to look into it. As I won’t be needing it until I return, what a good stroke of luck for me, eh?

Other things to be appreciative of: having a free ebook reader from KY which I’ve loaded with lots of free books for the almost daily 4 hour journeys in China.

See you when I see you.

I turned 31, still the luckiest girl in the world :)

… or woman. But that’s just semantics πŸ˜‰

Not sure if I should apologise for all these ‘feel good’, ‘the sun is shining, birds are chirping’ stuff. But I’m feeling real good about life (at the moment, have been for a while now). Definitely comes with growing older. Plus it’s hard to be miserable when you’re surrounded by super awesome people!

So, deal with happiness πŸ˜€ As well as a long blog post with 12 photos.

All in all, I had an amazing 25th 31st birthday celebration. A few days before the actual date, I was at a get-together with old YBF friends. Hui Hui made a mille crepe for Richard and I as our birthdays are close together.

Birthday Presents - Cake by Hui Hui
We had a fun time ‘decorating’ the cake πŸ˜›

Shirley came to KL for my birthday weekend, she got me…

Birthday Presents - feet peeling liquid
Peel feet, peel!

I’d used them before and oddly enough, enjoyed the peeling sensation. The downside to it is, you can’t control when it peels. I probably deposited my DNA in half of Klang Valley..

She also bought me dinner at Jogoya where I mostly ate..

Birthday Presents - Dessert at Jogoya
Best dessert in the world!

New Zealand macadamia ice cream with honeycomb cake! Best combination ever! I ate way too much of this, I don’t want to remember how much.

Then we went to hang out with Jaime and Timm, and Jaime got me…

Birthday Presents - Cake by Jaime
Delicious chocolate banana cake from Ben’s

The next day, I had to stand around at a job fair for work for a bit. My colleagues got me…

Birthday Presents - Cake from colleagues 01
Thanks girls πŸ™‚

Then it was off to the Cheangs for a lovely evening of BBQ, fun and laughter.

Birthday Presents - BBQ dinner from Lance
Part of dinner! BBQ wagyu beef! Noms!

Mel got me a happy cake…

Birthday Presents - cake by BBQAddicts

I was excited about this cake as it gives out such a happy vibe, don’t you think? Mike and Lance’s dad (who was fed with lots of alcohol by AhFa) was caught up in my enthusiasm and decided to put a smile on the cake…


So he took the plastic cake knife and drew a smiley face on the side. I didn’t manage to get a good photo as I was doubled up with laughter.

Also got leftover from the BBQ from Mike

Birthday Presents - Kronenbourg Blanc
Mmmmm I seem to be the only one who enjoy this though…

One of my sisters gave me…

Birthday Presents - rims
New rims for Gladys!

The other one gave me…

Birthday Presents - Airfryer
Airfryer for new cooking adventures!

It’s a couple hundreds cheaper to buy in Singapore, so Shirley helped me get it and hand carried it into Malaysia <3 AhFa got me this! Birthday Presents - Absolut Vodka

Then yesterday in the office (way after my birthday), my colleagues got me this!

Birthday Presents - Cake from colleagues 02

Life’s awesome or what???

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, gestures, songs and wishes. I am truly touched, humbled and I appreciate everything! Thank you for making me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world, thank you πŸ™‚

Growing older means paying attention to food labels

Ingredients in dried sunflower seeds

All these things for sunflower seeds. Read the label, people!

What my Mom said… (2)

After a period of deliberation, I decided to go on the pill.

Entering the 30s, it’s embarrassing that my face still breaks out like a rebellious teenager! Bloody hormones and genetics! Not sure if genetics was to be blamed, but might as well..

Also there’s the issue of irregular menstruation since the day I started bleeding. I’m not fussed about the reproductive part, more worried on the elaborated PMS part. It really does not feel good to be on the edge most of the time.

The pill is supposed to stop all these. Or at least make things better. And it did. Another post on this another time, maybe…

Asked my sister and doctor for advice. Finally decided to start off with Yasmin, a 21-day cycle pill. There are loads of information on the Net about it that would make you feel like burning all pharmacies that sell contraceptive pills. But if you feel so angry about everything, maybe it IS time to get started on the pill, you know what I mean?

It so happened that my sister and I were talking about Yasmin in front of our Mom. She asked what we were talking about? My sister replied that I was going to start on contraceptive pills. We were conversing in Mandarin so the Mandarin term for it is bi4 yun4 yao4, directly translated as ‘prevent pregnancy pill’.

And so in my Mom’s liberal albeit clouded desire for more grandchildren, she exclaimed, “Har, no need to bi4 yun4 la…”

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Think it’s working. Took a peek, Apple’s winning… so far.