Growing older means paying attention to food labels

Ingredients in dried sunflower seeds

Ingredients in dried sunflower seeds

All these things for sunflower seeds. Read the label, people!

What my Mom said… (2)

Yasmin pills

After a period of deliberation, I decided to go on the pill.

Entering the 30s, it’s embarrassing that my face still breaks out like a rebellious teenager! Bloody hormones and genetics! Not sure if genetics was to be blamed, but might as well..

Also there’s the issue of irregular menstruation since the day I started bleeding. I’m not fussed about the reproductive part, more worried on the elaborated PMS part. It really does not feel good to be on the edge most of the time.

The pill is supposed to stop all these. Or at least make things better. And it did. Another post on this another time, maybe…

Asked my sister and doctor for advice. Finally decided to start off with Yasmin, a 21-day cycle pill. There are loads of information on the Net about it that would make you feel like burning all pharmacies that sell contraceptive pills. But if you feel so angry about everything, maybe it IS time to get started on the pill, you know what I mean?

It so happened that my sister and I were talking about Yasmin in front of our Mom. She asked what we were talking about? My sister replied that I was going to start on contraceptive pills. We were conversing in Mandarin so the Mandarin term for it is bi4 yun4 yao4, directly translated as ‘prevent pregnancy pill’.

And so in my Mom’s liberal albeit clouded desire for more grandchildren, she exclaimed, “Har, no need to bi4 yun4 la…”

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Think it’s working. Took a peek, Apple’s winning… so far.

While shopping at Parkson…



A woman’s passion for shoes is a mysterious lifetime love affair. I can’t explain it myself. Though not traditionally a girly girl, something takes over my being when it comes to shoes. I can’t have just one, I can’t have enough. 

They are so prettyyyyyyyyy :)

Drama minggu ini

For the first time in my life, I had an allergy reaction to… something.

I used to be one of those lucky sods who could eat anything and not have to worry about getting a reaction. Except for the weight and cholesterol level lah, but that’s another story.

Well, looks like I’m out of that category.

Earlier today, I felt that something was not right.

Sure I’m a bit under the weather (STILL! CAN ANYONE MAKE IT STOP?!?) but this level of discomfort was… different.

My palms felt prickly, as though all the blood rushed there. I could see the congregation of blood as my palms turned red then slightly purple. And yes, prickly as the sudden blood rush made the nerves sensitive.

They itched like hell too.

I rushed to the toilet, looked at the mirror and saw that my T-zone was flushed and bright red. The ears too, and feeling rather hot. What is this sorcery??

Had to puke. Did. Stayed in the toilet for a while before going back to my office and had the most uncomfortable shut-eye ever.

After an hour, I woke up and I was okay again.

Damn odd, right? It was either an allergy reaction (I don’t really know, never had that before) or gong tau.

I haven’t made any terrible enemies to kena gong tau so I doubt it lah.

Anyway the only link I could find was this honey that my sister gave me.

Mysterious honey

I don’t really know what it says on the label. What does it say on the label?

I’ve taken honey before without any problems, so maybe this was some sort of special 9 9 mother of all honey.

Ah well, who knows.


Do you have a friend like KY?

One day KY buzzed me on MSN. He asked, “Do you read e-books?”

“Sometimes,” I replied. “Why?”

“Oh, e-books are great. If you have an e-book reader, you could practically have an entire library on the go.”

I paraphrased a little, but the point is, he went on for about 10 minutes elaborating on the greatness of e-books.

Then finally he said, “Okay Suan, I’m tired of going the roundabout way of saying this, but I’m going to give you an e-book reader.”


Suanie's iRiver HD from KY

I love my funny friends :)

FOR SALE: Frosty the One-Door Fridge

Meet Frosty.

Frosty the One-Door Fridge

For years, Frosty has served my refridgeration needs and served it well. She is from the Samsung family who make rather excellent devices, such as in the case of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Indeed, there are not enough accolades for the Koreans. After all, the nation that produced gamers who cleared Diablo 3 in just 5 hours of its release deserve nothing but the highest praise.


As a one-door fridge, Frosty is designed for space maximisation best suited for the single person or a happy couple. Or anyone really, who can’t have a lot of things in their homes. Frosty comes with the usual egg compartment and a couple side pockets that no one really knows what they are for. As you might see, I keep a packet of Japanese curry in one small pocket, and a tube of tomato puree in the other. I’ll probably never use them again but that’s the beauty of owning a fridge – the ability to change your mind should you have sudden cravings for Japanese curry or a tomato-based dish later on. Pre-expiry dates, of course.

For the wider, deeper pockets, I have dried goods (green beans, barley, scallops, oyster and other typical Cina-stuff). I also keep assorted sauces there because I have the most unfortunate habit of buying too many fancy dressings that would never be used more than thrice. If you don’t want to be like me, avoid the food section in M&S… or risk falling prey to gorgeous packaging.

Frosty has a vegetable box that I mostly use for storing beer. From this point onwards, you should know that Frosty has also been keeper of all things pork, both cooked and raw. Whoever is Frosty’s new owner would receive a clean (and cleaned out) fridge, but if things like imaginary lingering pig’s DNA offends you, you should probably consider looking for a less exciting fridge ad.

A ‘chilled room’ drawer lies just below the freezer. I am sad to say that I overestimated the weight of an item and thus it caused a couple cracks to the slide-out drawer. It is most certainly still usable; in fact currently it stores half a packet of tofu puffs, and some lower end newly-purchase Emmental cheese. If you buy Frosty, the Emmental cheese is yours too for FREE!

And now, Frosty’s Freezer. The most fought-for space inside Frosty. For an older fridge, the freezer works exceedingly well. Unfortunately as an older model, it builds ice BUT it’s easily de-frostable with just a push of a button. My housemate and I use it mostly to store ice cubes, though currently I have some Terengganu-bought lekor in there. Should you be moved to buy Frosty, I might be moved to fry you some of the utterly delicious, cannot-be-found-in-KL lekor. Might.

What else should you know about Frosty? Hmm I think she’s almost perfect except for the chilled room drawer cracks. My fault, entirely. Also sometimes the light doesn’t work but only once in a while. I’ve never figured out why, maybe it’s time for a new bulb? Perhaps you’ve noticed my foot at Frosty’s door .That’s because I was trying to take a photo of the inside, and I had to make sure that the door doesn’t swing back to close again. If you missed the not-so-subtle point I was trying to make, the door swinging part works.

So, how much do I want Frosty for? I scoured the Net (, har har) and came to the conclusion that RM300 is a reasonable price to ask for Frosty, given her older age and good working condition.

But being Malaysians, I know how we’ve to ask for a cheaper price even though the price is already cheap. It’s okay, I do that sometimes then hide myself from society for a few days in disgust, ashamed of my cheapo-ness which is most likely a racial genetic trait.

Hence if you were in front of me and we were discussing Frosty’s selling price, I’d imagine the conversation to be as follow:

Me: Frosty’s yours for RM300!
You: Har? So expensive ar? Cheaper can or not?
Me: How much cheaper you want lehh…
You: Cheaper la, we fren fren mah.. can lah…
Me: Haiyah, you ah.. ok lah gua kasi fren punya harga.. RM250!
You: Aiyoh boss… kasi murah sikit lagi la…
Me: Wah gua kasi lu manyak murah, lu mau murah lagi kaaa??
You: Boleh laaaa kawan mah..
Me: Ok ok BEST AND LAST PRICE! RM200! Mali PJ angkat.

What an excellent bargain! Anyone? Let me know.

Note: Frosty has gone to a hopefully better home. As she’s a fridge and not a pet/child, I don’t expect her new owners to write. Thanks all :)