Day 6 of Chinese New Year 2013

Ohai! I can’t adequately describe how awesome it is to be on a long-ish break and not working. Let’s look at today’s timeline:

7am: Alarm rings. Hits snooze button.

7.45am: Woke up ‘cos suddenly realised that I might be late for breakfast with my grandparents. Wake the rest of the family up. Get ready to go out.

9am: Breakfast with grandparents, yay!

10.30am: Got home, YouTubed Teletubbies for the kid.

11am: Sudden toothache, writhe in pain. Downed 2 Neurofen.

11.30am: Roll around in bed in pain.

12pm: Asked Dad to help buy me more Neurofen.

12.10pm: Dad came back with more Neurofen. Downed another 2.

12.30pm: Entertained the kid with more Teletubbies.

1pm: Massive toothache pain eases, yay! Rolls around in bed some more.

2pm: Half-heartedly edits photos from CNY celebrations while watching a Taiwanese concert thingy with Dad.

2.30pm: Feeling generous and decided to reload Mom’s mobile prepaid. Spent the next 30 mins learning how the M2U and Maxis instant reload thingy work.

3pm: Feeling damn awesome for not having to work today.

3.10pm: Decided to write this blog post.

So far so superb. I suspect the rest of the day will be better!! :D

Okay going back to really doing nothing much now. Bye!

Help find missing 6 year old kid, William Yau

Update 29 Jan 2013: William Yau’s body was recovered.

Find missing boy William Yau - 21 Jan 2013
Leaflet from The Star

Another missing child in our midst, true to The Star’s headline, an entire nation searches for him. I only found out about the news today, being otherwise occupied with life, head buried in sand so to speak.

If you don’t already know… 32 y/o father + 26 y/o mother with 3 kids aged 7, 6 and 1 went out for dinner on 16th January 2013. On the way home, they stopped by a shop in Putra Heights to check out an electrical item that they needed replacing.

Who really knows why? Could be temporary negligence, could be overconfidence, could be lack of legitimate parking, could be anything… but the parents made the decision to leave their kids locked in the car while they went into the shop for a bit. The 1 y/o was crying and 6 y/o William got out of the car to look for his parents. He never found them, they have not found him.

I do not know the ending to this story, but I sincerely hope it will be a good one.

I do have something to say though. This pretty much confirms my long-held suspicions that most Malaysians on-line are inconsiderate, unfeeling dumbasses.

Give them a computer and Internet access and they go wild in the delusion that the sun shines out of their arses.

How else would you explain the onslaught of abuse hurled at the couple for negligence?

Of course it’s their fault. Of course you should never leave your kids (or anyone incapable of being responsible for themselves, really) unattended in vehicles, locked or otherwise. But hold on, you really don’t need to be the 2329032th person to call/ text/ Facebook/ leave angry comments everywhere on-line telling them that.

I saw a few of the comments earlier today which made me think about some things. But damn, people are nasty beyond belief towards people they do not personally know. And it’s really back to, just because they can, hiding behind Internet’s (perceived) anonymity.

When the couple had their first kid, he was 25 and she was 19. Their 2nd kid (William) came a year later.

When I was 19, I had the luxury of not having to be responsible for a baby or my own family. When I was 25, I learned how difficult it was to help take care of a kid. Not easy is oversimplifying it. And I didn’t even had to do it all the time!

So yes, must have not been easy. Maybe that led to temporary negligence. Not diverting the fact that it was their fault. Believe you me, they know. And they are paying the price for it.

Their 6 year old son, William has been missing for a week now.

If you’re still reading, I hope you can help in focusing your positive energy to helping William’s parents find their kid. Never mind everything else for now.

How hard can it be to get a roti kosong at lunchtime??

At about 12.45pm today, I was overcome with strong emotions of missing my old workplace.

I had a craving for good ol’ roti kosong tsunami-ed in dhal and kari ayam. What do you do when you really want something? You reach out for it, right? Or in my case, drive out to the nearest mamak restaurant in hopes of satisfying my craving.

Or in my case today, 3 mamak restaurants. Guess what? Nobody wanted to make me roti kosong at lunchtime!!

Gier had warned me before, that they do not serve roti of any sorts for midday meals. Very likely so they could quickly sell off their nasi campur which of course brings in more revenue.

“That is ridiculous,” I replied, “mamak restaurants have GOT to sell roti kosong, that’s what they are supposed to do!! You wait and see.”
“All right, just saying,” he shrugged.

Turned out, the founding member of MILF-PRON was once again right. Luckily for me he detected my immense disappointment and having gone through dark periods in his life dealing with menstruating women, wisely decided to forgo the ‘I told you so’.

Where I used to work, there’s a mamak restaurant with obliging workers who’d make me roti kosong at any time of the day. I hardly believe I alone get preferential treatment because I’ve walked by at lunchtime to see customers happily tucking into their humble roti kosong, roti telur, roti bawang, roti sardin and what-not.

That’s how you make your customers happy, right?? By giving them what they want!!!

Screw you, I was going to order a Nescafe ais to go with my roti kosong. Guess you missed out on the RM2 boo f- hoo.


Of pizza delivery and racist dogs

So I ordered pizza for delivery because the result of a last minute culinary attempt turned out inedible.

By the way there’s a current promotion on Pizza Hut where you get a free pizza if you order on-line via their website. Having gone through their on-line ordering process, I honestly feel that I deserved the free pizza, whether or not I end up ordering on-line. In summary I had to sign up for TWO accounts just to place an order. It might have been almost acceptable in say, 2002. But not really because at that time, I worked for an e-commerce site. Want to buy something from our site? Certainly, sign up for an account and click click click to add items to your cart. So I do know how it works. This completely boggles the mind.

The pizza delivery boy came. As he was leaving, I heard the neighbour’s dog bark at him. Side track: I live in an apartment type of building and you’re not supposed to have dogs as pets living in your apartment. Some of the people living here do. I don’t give a shit as long as they don’t bark the place down (yappy dogs are the worst) or poo everywhere. Live and let live, within reason of course.

So the yappy dog barked at the delivery boy, who is of Malay ethnicity. Driven by hunger, my mind started wondering: if dogs kept by Chinese bark at Malays and Indians, then dogs kept by Malays (no, it’s not haram) and Indians bark at who?

Think about it.


Going to be away for more than a week. Will be in my late grandfather’s motherland.

Lots of things have happened, some good some bad some great some not.

But part of growing up means learning to appreciate the better side of unfortunate luck.

For example, my car battery died as I was about to go run errands. But luckily for me, the next day was a Saturday and not a Sunday when most mechanics would be closed.

Last night, my notebook died. Really sucks BUT luckily for me, it happened last night so I could send it to the ‘hospital’ where it’d take at least a week for them to look into it. As I won’t be needing it until I return, what a good stroke of luck for me, eh?

Other things to be appreciative of: having a free ebook reader from KY which I’ve loaded with lots of free books for the almost daily 4 hour journeys in China.

See you when I see you.