Putting that phone away

You have seen this in restaurants: a family sitting at the same table, but no one is interacting with each other. Instead, they are staring at their own gadgets, their full focus on whatever is going on their mini screens. No one talks; not to themselves, not with each other, and not even when the food arrives.

And you think to yourself, how bloody awful! Together but not together, devoid of communication, missing out on chances to strengthen family ties. Truth is, they are missing out on each other! You tell yourself, you’re never going to be that person, in that situation.

But really, easier said than done. We rely more and more on our gadgets for work and leisure and sadly, it is a concentrated effort to stop ourselves from whipping out that phone to know what’s going on. These formed habits, supposedly designed to make us more resourceful and efficient, are also robbing us of our physical connections with those around us.

You know, the people who are supposed to matter.

Quit playing with your phones and tablets already
Hey boy, I know that feeling…

As I grow older, it hits me harder that our time here is limited. The opportunities to hang out and spend time with, are not as abundant as they used to be. Although I’m naturally an introvert who find it easier to communicate with machines than with real people, I still do not want to miss out on the physical, human connections that still exists.

No woman is an island.

Following my friend AhFa‘s footsteps, this year I’m making a conscious effort to lay off the phone whilst in the company of family and friends. If I blocked off my personal time to spend it with you, it’s because I want to know what’s up with you, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what plans you have, and so on.

I want to be present in your presence :)

If I stumble in my steps to rid myself of this habit, please forgive me. It’s not easy to undo a habit, but I promise to try!

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