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When one door closes, another opens. That can be said of the many incarnations of the space in Jaya One that is now Fest, a cafe that offers good ol’ coffee and cafe food.

Not just any run-of-the-mill cafe food, mind you. But more on that later.

Fest Jaya One - latte

Fest was started by three friends who left their jobs and poured in (almost) everything they had into this venture – their money, ideas, time and youth.

I know this to be true; I am acquainted with one of them, Lisan, whom I knew since our active blogging days. Then years later, work projects got us back in touch.

Then one day she left to pursue her F&B dreams. One day she was talking videos and events, and the next day she was off baking cakes and brewing coffee. That was that, and Fest was born.

Fest Jaya One cafe

The first thing to know about Fest is that it has gained popularity in a star product, the Lemak Chicken Sandwich (RM14). A what now?

Fest Jaya One - nasi lemak sandwich

No kidding, it’s nasi lemak sandwich-style! How does one make this happen?

First, replace the rice with toasted sourdough bread. I know I know, it’s not really quite the same, but the chef is attempting to scale greater heights here.

What of the condiments one would expect of Malaysia’s national dish? Turn them – the anchovies, crushed peanuts and sambal into a paste, and spread them generously onto both sides of the bread! Then add toasted coconut, shredded cucumber, egg strips and chicken waffles to complete the assemble.

Sure, it’s unconventional. A tad gimmicky even. But somehow it worked, and I enjoyed the spicy, hearty sandwich.

Fest Jaya One - egg sandwich

The unadventurous may stick to safe options, such as the Egg Sandwich (RM12). Bread, lettuce, waffle omelette, eh it’s not bad. But it’s no nasi lemak sandwich.

Fest Jaya One - chicken waffle

Another recommended item at Fest is Chicken Waffles (RM16), where the waffles themselves are made from a mixture of mostly lean meat, chives, onions and eggs. Savoury, tasty and juicy waffles, should please those looking for something filling.

Fest Jaya One - duck salad

For my mother and I, we thought that the star was definitely the Duck Salad (RM13). A visually pleasing mix of roasted duck slices with carrot , cucumber, red onions, pomegranate and peanuts, splashed with sour plum sauce. It reminds you of yee sang eaten during Chinese New Year, just as crunchy and refreshing. A total winner in our books!

Fest Jaya One - Milo Dinosaur waffle

The young ones enjoyed Milo Dinosaur (RM12), a dessert waffle of Milo (a super famous brand of chocolate & malt powder, which according to its own advertising, created champions out of us kids who drank it faithfully growing up) and condensed milk topped with coconut ice-cream.

Fest Jaya One - latte coffee

Fest is involved in the Suspended Coffee movement, only that it’s rightfully called #BelanjaKopi here.

I’m glad it’s working out for Lisan and co. I mean, I would hate it if she had left her regular paying job for something that turned out to be terrible, hahah! But no, it looks like they’re on the right path to delivering unique products, and I wish them the best of the luck!

And I’ll be back to try out the delicious array of cakes available!

E-83-G.3G, The Square, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: +60 3-7932 1523

Opens daily. For hours, go to festwithus.wix.com/fest
#FestWithUs Facebook | Instagram



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