The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama

A new [non-halal] steamboat restaurant is in town, joining the ever expanding food-scape of Kuchai Lama. Though barely two months old, The Pot Steamboat is fast gaining traction thanks to specialties that make them stand out.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama
A distinctive corner lot with private dining rooms to seat 10

If your superior palate prefers fresh to frozen, The Pot Steamboat has a variety of live seafood that you can order for your hotpot. An assortment of clams, prawns, snakehead fish (sang yu), crabs and geoduck are available at reasonable prices.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - live seafood
Clean waters, fresh seafood. Geoducks are weird looking.

In addition to the standard sauces for steamboat ingredients, you get additional homemade sauces prepared specially for seafood. The proprietors of The Pot Steamboat also make top-notch sauce mixtures that they sell to restaurants, and they have turned their strength to their advantage at this steamboat restaurant.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - sauces

The specialty soup here is the Sang Yu Pot (RM18.80) – a strong peppery broth boiled with ‘Sang Yu’ (snakehead fish), small crabs etc. The result: a strong, prime soup that imparts a delicious flavour to the steamboat ingredients.

For example, dipping fresh ‘Sang Yu’ slices (RM25) in the boiling hotpot for three times is sufficient to cook the fish slices and take on the soup flavours.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - sang yu, snakehead fish slices
Dip it like a boss

Here’s a promotion you can’t miss: Alaskan Crab, approx 1.5kg for RM155. A bargain for sweet crustacean flesh; be careful not to overcook it in the steamboat.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - Alaskan crab

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - tucking in

The strange, phallic looking geoduck (pronounced gooey duck) slices need just a quick 2 seconds dunk in the boiling hotpot prior to consumption. If you’ve never had geoduck before, the meat is a bit chewy, tender in the middle, a little snail-ish.

The price could be hefty – this one that we had below came up to nearly RM200. But small change I’m sure, for those who enjoy a different kind of clam.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - geoduck
Gooooooeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy duck!

What happens to the geoduck’s gut ball? It is often discarded, but the guys at The Pot Steambot found a use for it. So they slice up the gut ball and serve it to you with a portion of rice. When you’re nearly done with the rest of the steamboat ingredients, you pour both gut ball and rice into a little bit of boiling soup. The result is a risotto-type dish… with geoduck gut ball.

I suppose it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - geoduck innards with rice

For traditional steamboat ingredients, the Steambot Set (RM17.80 per pax, min order 2 pax) contains the typical fish balls, pork meat balls, tofu, vegetables, fried beancurd, prawns, cuttlefish etc.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - standard set
The Steambot Set

You can also order a variety of additional items – from seafood of scallops, mussels, abalone, sea asparagus, fish maw etc, to meat slices (lamb, beef, pork), meat balls, fish balls and pig’s intestine and stomach.

And you have to get the smoked duck (RM7.90). The meat is tender and smooth, the thin layer of duck fat adds sinful flavour to the meat. I don’t think you can easily get smoked duck slices this way (the way of serving, not the taste) elsewhere, so eat more!

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - ingredients

If you enjoy steamboat, go give The Pot Steamboat a try. Also I should probably mention that this place got the thumbs up from Yuki, our de facto steamboat lover and critic.

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama - steamboat

The Pot Steamboat, Kuchai Lama (non-halal)
No. 1, Jalan Kuchai Maju 4,
Kuchai Entrepreneur Park, Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +6016 821 2280

Opens daily from 5pm to 11pm.

On Google Map: *click*
On Facebook: ThePotSteamboatKuchaiLama



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