My double eyelids surgery experience

*Note: Contains a photo update one year after.

Do I look different these days? That’s because I went and got my double eyelids surgery!

(That was just an opening line, my English composition teacher would have been so proud. I don’t post many self photos these days, so I wouldn’t expect you to know anything if we don’t see each other regularly.)

Suanie double eyelid surgery - single eyelid 01
Me with single eyelids with the Chong sisters. Me with single eyelids drinking water in Penang. Me with single eyelids with the fabulous Niki Cheong.

Non-Asians may find it difficult to understand why anyone would go under the knife for that additional crease in their eyelids. To look more ‘Western’? To look more South Korean? To look like anyone but themselves?

Poof to the first two. On the last one, how do you define looking like yourself? You in your natural state, without any upkeeping will NOT look like yourself now. Take away the shampoos, skincare, hair treatments, razors, clothes and makeup…

But I’m not interested to argue philosophy.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - single eyelid 02
Single-eyelid Suanie with LL. Single-eyelid Suanie with Eiling. Single-eyelid Suanie with friends after Urbanscapes. Single-eyelid Suanie with jazzmama Junji Delfino.

So I have my father’s eyes – single, heavy eyelids. The good thing about it is the confirmation that I’m my parents’ child. You know, proof that my mother didn’t pick me up from the rubbish bin…

By the way, why do ALL mothers say that?!? Do you know how psychologically-damaging it is to your child? Please stop.

Oh look, a nice photo of me with Mike Yip.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - single eyelid 03

I should mention that I was never bothered by my lack of double eyelids. Sure, sometimes I dream of being born with STUPENDOUSLY LARGE eyes, and I’d marry Aaron Kwok Nick Carter Prince of Brunei’s son Clive Owen Nicholas Tse that guy who broke my heart one time when I was younger John Mayer Ryan Gosling the crush that I won’t tell you about. Then I’d wake up and go about life as normal.

But something happened… AGE!!! While I absolutely LOVE being in my (early) thirties, nature and the inevitable saw my eyelids sag, qualifying me as Quasimodo’s face double. I didn’t notice it until this photo at Lance + Mel’s wedding:

Suanie double eyelid surgery - single eyelid 04
With KY, looking up because our friend Terence takes photos from the ceiling.

That, and slightly deteriorated eyesight from the drooping eyelid fat/skin, and something emotional that happened to me prompted a search for a specialist who could fulfill the illusion of bigger eyes. My family (barring Dad), who has bugged me for YEARS to get double eyelids was absolutely thrilled! Happy to make them happy.

A trusted friend recommended Dr. Steve Wong of Promenade Plastic Surgery. I called for a consultation (RM150) and found Dr. Wong to be a serious, abrasive and impatient man.

Doctor: “Dramatic or natural? I only like to do natural.”
Me: “Uh.. okay… what should I do if there is pain?”
Doctor: “Painful eat Panadol lah!”

Lol. In spite of that, you can’t shake off the feeling that he is very knowledgeable and experienced. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted him to do this for me.

Later I was told that Dr. Wong is one of the top plastic surgeons in KL. These kind of RM3,500 small scale surgeries must seem like RM35 to him!

Another friend also told me about how Dr. Wong’s skillful techniques. I am SO glad that I went with my gut feeling!

The Day arrived. My super supportive sister took it upon herself to drive me back and fro. I was taken to a room where Dr Wong came and with a marker pen, drew lines on my eyelids.

“Cut here, cut here, remove the fat (on the right eye) here.”

Off to the adjacent operating room. I was given a sedative, two local anesthetic jabs to the eyelids and… I wish I could say that I was knocked out, but no. Although blurry, I knew what was going on. I could smell the burning skin. I could feel the tug of the stitches as he sew me up. Cool! There was absolutely no pain nor discomfort.

The whole process took less than 30 minutes. The nurse wanted to show me the fats that the doctor removed. I said no thanks. She laughed and led me to a bed, where I was to recover from the sedative. I could hear the next patient being hustled to the operating room.

The nurse came to check on me, saw that I was all right and led me back to my sister. I was to return after 2 days to remove the tapes, which was VERY uncomfortable but necessary to protect the wound and stitches.

I should warn you that the following photos may be disturbing for some. There’s no gore nor blood but if you can’t handle stitches, fat face and bad complexion, you have my blessing to go read something else.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 02
Day 02. Taped up, being queen at home

As I couldn’t see very well, I slept most of the time, icing my eyelids when I wasn’t sleeping, being served from head to toe. Awesome family is awesome.

On Day 3, I went back for tape removal, yay! Then I could see better. But my eyelids were very swollen, I could feel the weight on my eyes.

This is the only photo I’ll show you where there were still stitches in my eyelids:

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 06
Day 06. The stitches were still in.

On Day 7, stitches removal day! Okay that was not fun, the only bit in this whole process where I felt pain. But doctor said that all was recovering well!

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 08
Day 08. I could finally go out in public and not look like Chris Brown’s girlfriend.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 11
Day 11. Be prepared to answer this many times, “Yes it will still be swollen for another month.”

When you’re going through the swollen eyelid phase, it seems like the l-o-n-g-e-s-t recovery period ever. You lift your eyes and you feel something, like a blockage. Like Stonehenge on your lids. That’s how it feels like. BUT the weight reduces every day; VERY slowly but surely.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 16
Day 16. Why can’t I be born with double eyelids or just bigger eyes? WHY, MOTHER, WHY!

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 18_01
Day 18. Natural bitchy resting look.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 18_02
Day 18. This, when I opened my eyes real big.

A month after stitches removal, I went back for a final check-up. Dr. Wong said that it was a success, everything went great, the swelling would fully absolutely subside within a couple more months. He also probably felt a pinch of pride in his heart, which quickly disappeared when I asked if I could take a photo of him.

“No no no no no I don’t like photos. Sorry. I DO mind. No photos.”
/runs off

Hahahahahahhaha no, I wasn’t offended, I thought it was funny as heck. I do like Dr. Wong. He was kind enough to print out the Before and After photos, one of which I present to you here:

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 36
Day 36. This is Dr Wong’s official documentation of my case.

It would take another 3 months for the swelling to go down completely.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 40
Day 40. Not another photo of…. oh look, red hair!

Meanwhile, the scarring is healing nicely. Dr Wong’s stitches were tiny and skillful; the creases are looking quite natural at this stage.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 55_01
Day 55. Yes I went to have my eyebrows threaded after this.

I feel absolutely pleased with my experience. My family loves the results too. So will my future husband. If you see Prince Harry, please remind him to marry me.

Suanie double eyelid surgery - Day 55_02
Day 55. I think I look decent. I DO!

Real Frequently Asked Questions, Answered:

  • Consultation with Dr Wong costs RM150, took less than 10 minutes. The surgery (including meds and follow-ups) costs RM3,500.
  • I don’t find Dr. Wong rude. I find his demeanor hilarious, but then I have a strange sense of humour. I think he has done this thousands of times, and he could do it in his sleep. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants any cosmetic surgery done. He’s a real professional and it reflects in his work.
  • The only time I felt a bit of pain, was during the removal of stitches.
  • Yes I’ve heard of the non-invasive method. Having done my research, I believe that the invasive method (i.e. cutting) is more effective and will last longer.
  • This double eyelids will hold up until I’m 55. Then they would probably sag like everyone else’s double eyelids, natural or otherwise.
  • No, I am unlikely to voluntarily undergo more cosmetic surgery.
  • No, getting double eyelids surgery does not mean that I’ll become like Michael Jackson.

I told my Dad that I got double eyelids surgery. He was quiet for a while, then said, “Natural is better..”

To which I replied, “I know! That’s why the doctor cut it naturally!!”

So, that was fun. Will absolutely do it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

— — — — —-

Update July 2015, one year after the surgery.

Suanie double eyelid one year after

It looks something like this now. Actually maybe less noticeable in person. But overall, my eyes seemed ‘lifted’ and not so ‘dead’.

Some days I wish that I had asked for ‘dramatic’, just to know what it would look like. But we’d be back at this very same place.



  1. This post kept me entertained for the past few minutes, I must say! !! And nice double eyelid! !!! Absolutely love them on you. . . But 3.5k? Nah, I’d rather use the money to buy double eyelid tape and tape it for a lifetime whenever I want double double eyelid … ????

  2. Looking good! ๐Ÿ˜€ Curious to know what the dramatic style would have been like.

    seriously, natural already so big difference. What the hell can dramatic be man.

    And LOL of the caption about terence taking photos from the ceiling. and LOL your conversation with dad.
    ah fa recently posted..Shots!My Profile

    • Yes, I was actually a bit blah in the beginning, until I saw the Before and After photos from the Doc’s office. Then I started to feel great about it.

      Ah my Dad.. you know how he is ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. He did a really good job! Very natural looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Am quite scared because a friend of mine did hers from another doctor but her skin condition isn’t good so she had keloids. Not a nice look. ๐Ÿ™

    • Thank you! Are you thinking of doing it? But do you need to?? :O

      I saw photos of serious mis-surgery cases. It kind of scared me. That’s why I went around asking for recommendations from trusted people who would know the circle of these kind of cosmetic surgery ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Looking good now! They’ll really start to think that you and kerol are related.
    KY recently posted..Cakes and Tarts by A Moveable Feast KLMy Profile

  6. Hey….! Do u want single eyelid….follow these steps….
    1.wash ur face n wipe with a towel…
    2.closd ur eye
    3.with 2 or . Drops of honey; apply on ur eyelid
    4.try making ur double eyelid single…..

    Aftr 5-8mins see the different……
    N u’ll b happy……

  7. LOL.. So funny and thanks for sharing! Loved the dr stories – it helps when you have a friend do it, and know what to expect. How about a liposuction story next.. so I also know where to go once the time comes ! hehehe
    ciki recently posted..Margaret Yong Tau Foo @ Subang PerdanaMy Profile

  8. Hi Suanie,

    Your double eyelids look lovely! I’m glad everything turned out great for you.

    I note that your blog is licensed under creative commons, I’ll love to share a few excerpts and photos from this post with our readers at – your experience will be able to help some of our readers who are looking to understand more about the process of eyelid surgery. Will link back to your blog, of course.

    Stay beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚
    Teng recently posted..What You Should Know About Teenage Plastic SurgeryMy Profile

  9. You look great, Suanie! Laughed at how funny your conversation went with the doctor. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kaye recently posted..Mythbusters! Common Liposuction MythsMy Profile

  10. Hello, was just wondering what the procedure you went through is called? And does it last? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hi Suanie, thank you for your post. I have scheduled my plastic surgery with doctor Wong next month, but I feel so much worry about sedation, I read many scary things about it, and I worry to do not being awake after. The thing make me scare that there is no anesthesiologist, please let me know how was your sedation went, and is there any one have been monitoring your breading due to surgery? Is there any machinery was monitoring your blood pressure and heart beat? How many nurse he has to assist him due to surgery? I do understand that he is a member of plastic association, but I have nothing find about his licence on anesthesiology. Will so much appreciat on your reply. Thank you very much.

    • Hi! It’s very mild sedation, I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re allergic to sedation, then you might want to tell the doctor that. During surgery, you’re always with somebody, and it’s a very quick and fast procedure.

      No machine to monitor. One or two nurses that assisted, I think. I didn’t get fully knocked out, as it was mild. But it is different for everyone, I suppose.

      If you are unsure about it, please bring it up with the doctor. You need to be absolutely in the know of what’s going on, and the doctor can advice best. Good luck!

    • U also plan to undergo doule eye lid surgery soon? Mind to update how much is the cost currently? Thx in advance.

  12. Hazel Owens says:

    While I myself wouldn’t get eye lid surgery, I support those like you who do decide to get it. Honestly, when it comes down to it, you should do whatever makes you happy and confident. It seems like having the eye lid surgery was a good experience for you and made you happier, so good job! I hope it continues to go well for you. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hello! May I know if your eyelids dropped any lower from your latest update in 2015? Been considering Dr Steve Wong since I’ve been there for laser treatment before and he’s definitely professional. Also, did he charge any extra fees for follow up check up and stitch removal or was everything included in the RM 3500? Thank you!

    • Hi KY. I think the fee would have slightly increased since this post. The follow-up and stitch removals were part of the RM3.5K fee. It was really fast too, in and out in less than 15 mins.

      As for drooping, I don’t think it has drooped other than what’s expected. Let me explain: when it was done, the eye lids were swollen so it was not the accurate way to gauge. I think I would have liked a higher/more dramatic cut for a more obvious double eyelid look. But I’m not really thinking much about it, as it’s a notable improvement from my previous look.

  14. I love your sense of humour my dear! I just had mine done and was just surfing around for reviews and came across yours. Your humour definitely made my day! ? Hope all is well and fine and you found your prince Harry!

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience. Could you let me know the number of follow-up appointments included in the surgery fees? Does Dr. Wong have follow-ups at specific intervals (1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year etc.)?

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