A story about Jimmy Chan at Viper Challenge

I was a volunteer at Viper Challenge over my long weekend. On the first morning, we were setting up and in walked a guy towards the registration area. It was 2.50am. Didn’t look like a crew member, didn’t look like a volunteer. Could he be a super early kiasu participant??

True enough, Jimmy from Singapore touched down at the airport then straightaway took a taxi to SIC. I told him that registration wasn’t open yet, and he said that he was deaf.

“Oh okay!! I just sleep here for a while!”

We had a brief chat, he showed me his passport, said he’d never done anything like this before so he was looking forward to it.

Much later, I saw him again as he’d completed the course.

“I had fun! I took 2 hours 35 minutes! So challenging but good!”

Viper Challenge - Jimmy Chan
Jimmy with his finisher tee and medal

We talked some more then he left for the airport.

It didn’t hit me until yesterday that…

… why the fuck was I yelling at a deaf guy? As if he’d understand me more, is it?

Sigh, I’m one of those dumbasses…



  1. You were shouting because you were drinking from Syabas Water Tank!!

  2. one is deaf but not dumb, the other is the reverse

    thank you, I’ll be here all week!
    KY recently posted..The Society of OneMy Profile

  3. I think it’s just one of those things that happen. When I was in Russia, all the Russians thought that by speaking Russians slowly and loudly at me, I’d understand o_O
    mela recently posted..pep talks and retail therapyMy Profile

  4. When the late Roger Ebert, the movie critic, lost his jaw in an operation, he lost his ability to speak. When he went out and met people, they’d write out on pads what they wanted to tell him. And he’d have to remind them that his hearing was still fine. Don’t worry, you’re not alone haha!

  5. hahaha it was 230 am .. u are entitled to do stupid things! Anyway, sometimes, when you yell, the partially deaf can pick up some sounds. So not all lost la. Josen says he saw you there! I thought you’d be participating! U so boot camp all..
    ciki recently posted..Late Night Dining, @ Jalan Seladang, PuduMy Profile

  6. Not easy to be a volunteer and you start at unearthly hours. So its ok…
    missyblurkit recently posted..Sharing The Dream Of Malaysian ChildrenMy Profile

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