Things I ate: Not so awesome food

I don’t eat great stuff all the time. Well in comparison to starving, I do have it pretty good. But you know as well as I do that these things are senseless and superficial to compare to.

So I hardly talk about not so awesome food because… give people chance mah. Tastes are so personal, one man’s meat etc. But I do come across lots, so here’s a post for some of it for my personal collection.

Not so awesome food - Cajun dishes

Expensive, bland Cajun food at a hotel restaurant. Most expensive Carlsberg that I paid for too. The best thing about the meal was the free bread.

Not so awesome food - grilled fish

Grilled stingray at a famous Hokkien noodles place. I absolutely LOVE stingray but I didn’t care for the way they marinate or grill the fish. Overly salty and overly cooked, the meat became tough and rubbery. But they looked gangsta so I didn’t try to get my money back 😛

Not so awesome food - mango iced dessert

This is one of my favourite things to eat in Hong Kong. Rich, expensive and not cheap. They brought it to Malaysia and though it’s more affordable here, I felt that that the quality and taste were compromised. So sad 🙁

Not so awesome food - ham and melon

Tried out a couple of dishes at a pork-friendly restaurant in Seksyen 17. The menu listed that the ham comes with either melon or honeydew. Well I asked for melon and got honeydew. Ham was sub standard. I’m beginning to think that the only way I can eat really good ham and melon is if I buy the ingredients and wrap the damn things myself.

Not so awesome food - seafood pasta

At the same place, we tried the pasta with prawns, scallops and wine sauce served with white truffle oil. We could not detect neither wine sauce nor white truffle oil. It cost RM39.90++. Here’s a tip: for RM36++, go eat the delicious Spaghetti alla Opus at Opus Bistro, Bangsar. Even better, take me along 😉

Not so awesome food - mushroom melt burger

At one of the restaurants owned by the family of the ex-minister involved in the cow-saga, I was told that the mushroom melt is a best seller. The 200g of ‘homemade’ patty done medium-well (because they can’t do it any other way) was tough and severely bland. I feel sorry for the cow that died to make this p.o.s.



  1. Ah I remember this…. Well, on a chipper note, I just went to the market today and stocked up my fridge, freezer and larder. Come come.

  2. honeydew is no substitute for rock melon, they cheated, revolt! burn!
    KY recently posted..KY eats – Peruvian Grilled Chicken at Peruvie, TTDIMy Profile

  3. Love your post…sorry that you had not nice eats…I had quite a horrid one over the week to kick start my long weekend.

    Opus…dah lama tak pergi makan. Jom jom let’s go together!
    missyblurkit recently posted..The Pound in TTDIMy Profile

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