After all’s been said and done

Eat instant noodles. Expensive instant noodles, influenced by Huai Bin who occasionally has odd, expensive tastes.

Myojo Chilli Crab semi dry ramen

Almost RM12 for 4 packets of this Myojo Chilli Crab semi-dry ramen. Almost RM3 per pack. Okay probably not the most expensive one out there. Well, my pockets are shallow. But I will still buy it.

Because that’s some seriously ass-kicking delicious instant noodles. You should go try it. Crabsticks not included.



  1. foxtrotecho says:

    That’s still okay, compared to RM8.90 for a single serving of Nissin Curry Cup Noodles =P

  2. Manaaaa beelliiii?

    I’ve probably mentioned this to you cos I’ve been telling everyone, but adding a dollop (just a small bit, not too much) of mayo to Mee Sedap / Indo Mee is sibeh stimz.

    Damn damn damn nice. Just be careful not to use too much, or else jelak.

  3. sickboy says:

    Oh, Suanie, enjoy! You deserve the best …

  4. seems appetizing. halal or not? uwu

  5. i put marmite in mine, just a bit. egg+vege+magi curry…yummy
    but 1 pack not enough.
    have you tried the penang har mee? thats nice too

  6. Anyone’ve seen Chilli Crab cup noodle of Nissin?

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