Job fairs and what not

Sometime this week, I’ll be on duty at a job fair somewhere. It’s only for one day as I’ve things to do during the weekend.

Theoretically it’s not too bad; you get to get out of the office for the day and be paid to do so. You get to meet and talk to people, some you hope would end up as your colleagues. As such job fairs seem to target fresh graduates, you get to meet the bright minds and future of our nations.

Har har, yeah right. You and I know that it isn’t really like that.

I didn’t have such a bad time last year, mostly because I had real awesome company. It was also a good experience so I know what to expect this year. I mean, I’d never attended any such job fairs in my life and didn’t have much experience getting jobs from on-line job portals or fairs. So I didn’t know who would make an effort to go there.

I do have one story to share from last year’s experience.

So there I was, attending to questions about what the company does, what we do, what I do etc. For every person that comes to our booth, we’d ask standard questions; are you a graduate, what are you doing now, what would you like to do and so on. It’s the only way to quickly gauge where you’d put their CVs – to call, to put aside or to KIV.

A girl in her mid-20s came along, looked through our information board and handed me her CV. I smiled and asked, what are you doing now? She gave a looooong dramatic sigh and said, “haiyah you read lah, I been repeating myself the whole day already.”

No prizes for guessing which box I put her CV in.

So if you’re around Midvalley on Friday, come say hi.



  1. electronicfly says:

    Haha small world! Will be there all three days for work as well. Shall go search for you if I can get away =p

  2. Not exactly the begging sort, is she?

  3. Suan, next time bring along a shredder machine. To hell with such CVs!

  4. Nexttttt! Talking abt job fair, I’m also looking for ppl to join my team… I need candidate to have at least a command of *decent* english. I am not asking for BOMBASTIC english. Decent english. Alot to ask for meh??? N I get CVs or cover letters that have things like “Thanks you”… >.<

  5. Hmmmm the girl was tired of repeating her answer? What about you guys asking? Isk Isk Isk
    missyblurkit recently posted..Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral opens!My Profile

  6. At least there were only one girl in three days worth to remember and to mention in your blog. No doubt – she ist cool.

  7. MorpheusX says:

    Thats the attitude shown by graduate nowadays…. they think the world owes them a job…. i wouldnt even pay peanuts to hire these people with tak apa attitude….. GROW UP AND FACE THE REAL WORLD

  8. Deepa Senghera says:

    haih… and here I am applying for jobs after jobs without much luck of scoring that many interviews …. anyone looking to hire a chirpy bubbly determined communications person?

  9. Radiance Leong says:

    totally random but hey, “chirpy bubbly determined communications person”?? give me a holler at Text100.

    totally legit – ask Suanie 😛

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