My Mom + birthday + Groupon = happiness

Short version: Had surprise birthday parties for Mom two years in a row with Groupons.

Long version: I’m not sure why (maybe it’s a psychological thing that no one is interested in) but I go on a group buying spree come every December and January. It so happens they lay out the good stuff in these two months. Or at least the deals that I find useful anyway.

It also so happens that with the help of my family members, we managed to organise surprise birthday dos for my mom two years in a row now, all thanks to Groupon.

How? As aforementioned, they have the good deals come end/beginning of the year and I can’t help but to buy them. Only then I think of a use for them.

Last year, it was a good deal for the then newly opened Trattoria Il Porcellino at Menara Hap Seng. I had a lovely dining experience at its pork-free counterpart, the Trattoria Cucina Italiana at Rohas Perkasa, so decided to check out this pork-friendly version.

Great choice! Good food, wine and service – my mom was duly and pleasantly surprised, fantastic!

Mom's surprise birthday do 2012
My mom’s surprise birthday do in 2012

By the way, do check out Trattoria Il Porcellino at Menara Hap Seng for good ol’ comforting Italian food at decent prices. The last time I was there, they still dish out the complimentary chocolate vodka at the end of the meal.

This year, it was Ayamas’ xth anniversary and the deal was 2 roasted chicken for almost half the price.

I know, I know… from delectable Italian cuisine to mass roasted chicken… how the mighty seems to have fallen…

But not quite! We decided to make a home party out of it, and we had the pleasure of relatives to join us in this surprise do.

So I contributed the 2 roasted chickens and creamy mashed potatoes, recipe from The Pioneer Woman. That means butter, cream, butter, butter, milk, cream and more butter. If you’re wondering why your arse seemed bigger after eating it, well that’s why… and a whole block of cream cheese.

Absolutely Sinful Creamy Mashed Potatoes
Before covering the top with butter and more butter

But we only live once, and getting older with fears of clotted arteries means that I’ll never make creamy mashed potatoes that way again, even though it was possibly the most delicious creamy mashed potatoes I’d ever had.

I think I used up 3/4 block of butter for it.

So I got ready the chicken, potatoes and ready-to-mix salad, and my sister the domestic goddess came up with everything else.

Mostly homecooked goodies

… pasta salad, pasta in bolognese sauce, tuna sushi, chicken liver pate with toasted French bread, pumpkin soup, konyaku jelly with fruits. Everything homemade, all done in one night.

Sometimes I don’t think we came from the same mother.

Mom was again surprised and happy, yay! I asked if she was pretending to be surprised just to layan us but she denied it. In civilised societies, you don’t ask your mom if she was lying through her teeth just so you can prove a non-valid point. So I didn’t.

Mom's surprise birthday do 2013
Surprise birthday do 2013

I wonder what next year’s Groupon deal will be. That magic unicorn ride would have been really awesome #justsaying



  1. happy birthday aunty!
    KY recently posted..Naza Kia Malaysia launches the All-New Kia RioMy Profile

  2. Wow! Aunty looks a lot younger than last year ๐Ÿ˜€
    J recently posted..ๆƒ…ไบบ็ฏ€ @ ๆˆ‘ๅ–ฎ่บซMy Profile

  3. She looks happy! Hehehe/
    Chee Ching recently posted..The Boy with Pink, Blue, Purple Hair?My Profile

  4. If there’s an idea to splash out loads of time, effort and finances on, treating your mom is always worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually I wanted to comment that YOU ARE MAKING ME MISS AYAMAS DEARLY. I can’t believe something as simple as good roast chicken is so hard to come by in HK!

  5. Cheryl Yee says:

    I am still intrigued by the Unicorn ride…..mash potatoes are meant to be sinful…God knows what goes into a good creamy bowl of Mash….( ngek ngek ngek ) although I got cursed once for making it…

    • Merely intrigued? Let’s go already..! ๐Ÿ˜›

      I think just by labeling it creamy, you’d expect the usual dairy in extraordinary amount. Can’t help it..

      • Cheryl Yee says:

        yes Suan… you have must indeed put full cream…hahaha otherwise just mashy potatoes won’t taste entirely murderously fattening….wakakaka….an evil way to sabotage one’s protein diet… Unicorn Ride – any further discount kah….will the price drop?? 80% off mana cukup beli?

  6. Happy Birthday Suanie’s Mom, best wishes from Europe half way around the globe … SBoy

  7. Home party! That is an idea for me to do that do Daddy’s burpday which is in a month’s time!
    missyblurkit recently posted..XALFMy Profile

  8. and…the chocolate vodka…its so yummy!
    missyblurkit recently posted..XALFMy Profile

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