Help find missing 6 year old kid, William Yau

Update 29 Jan 2013: William Yau’s body was recovered.

Find missing boy William Yau - 21 Jan 2013
Leaflet from The Star

Another missing child in our midst, true to The Star’s headline, an entire nation searches for him. I only found out about the news today, being otherwise occupied with life, head buried in sand so to speak.

If you don’t already know… 32 y/o father + 26 y/o mother with 3 kids aged 7, 6 and 1 went out for dinner on 16th January 2013. On the way home, they stopped by a shop in Putra Heights to check out an electrical item that they needed replacing.

Who really knows why? Could be temporary negligence, could be overconfidence, could be lack of legitimate parking, could be anything… but the parents made the decision to leave their kids locked in the car while they went into the shop for a bit. The 1 y/o was crying and 6 y/o William got out of the car to look for his parents. He never found them, they have not found him.

I do not know the ending to this story, but I sincerely hope it will be a good one.

I do have something to say though. This pretty much confirms my long-held suspicions that most Malaysians on-line are inconsiderate, unfeeling dumbasses.

Give them a computer and Internet access and they go wild in the delusion that the sun shines out of their arses.

How else would you explain the onslaught of abuse hurled at the couple for negligence?

Of course it’s their fault. Of course you should never leave your kids (or anyone incapable of being responsible for themselves, really) unattended in vehicles, locked or otherwise. But hold on, you really don’t need to be the 2329032th person to call/ text/ Facebook/ leave angry comments everywhere on-line telling them that.

I saw a few of the comments earlier today which made me think about some things. But damn, people are nasty beyond belief towards people they do not personally know. And it’s really back to, just because they can, hiding behind Internet’s (perceived) anonymity.

When the couple had their first kid, he was 25 and she was 19. Their 2nd kid (William) came a year later.

When I was 19, I had the luxury of not having to be responsible for a baby or my own family. When I was 25, I learned how difficult it was to help take care of a kid. Not easy is oversimplifying it. And I didn’t even had to do it all the time!

So yes, must have not been easy. Maybe that led to temporary negligence. Not diverting the fact that it was their fault. Believe you me, they know. And they are paying the price for it.

Their 6 year old son, William has been missing for a week now.

If you’re still reading, I hope you can help in focusing your positive energy to helping William’s parents find their kid. Never mind everything else for now.



  1. To think of it, back then, it was BACK then, I ever left you and your sisters in the car while I went to get my groceries. But you are still here ! I myself and my sisters even went to the rubber plantation stream to have a dip, and we are ok, no kidnap, no molest, no rape…….. It was back THEN ! Now I wouldn’t even let my grandson , and now granddaughter leave my eyes when we go out. Now the boy is 7+ , and he doesn’t like to use the lady’s room when we go out. You should know how worry and anxious I am whenever he goes to the men’ toilet !! It is because it is NOW !

    • I’m very sure things happened back then as well, just that they weren’t as well reported as now. It’s both good and bad; good that widespread media can help spread the word to look for victims and spread awareness, bad that fear may cause the perpetrators to do something bad to the kids. But yes it’s a slightly more dangerous world now, we all just got to be more careful with our loved ones.

  2. many boh liao people “throwing stones” at the couple. The couple is already so pitiful, and yet some people are so vicious and making it worse for them. They already say they made a mistake. Instead of hurling abuse, why not give words of support kan? Sigh…people nowadays. Lost a bit of faith in people each and every day.

  3. I go to the area quite often as I live in Putra Heights. Eventhough the electrical shop is facing the main road, the place is pretty quiet at night. Definitely no parking problem. Even I won’t go there alone at night, so I can’t imagine how the parents would think it’s safe to leave the kids in the car. I do hope they find him safe and sound as losing a child is devastating. I also do hope that all parents learn from this couple’s mistake and never make the same mistake themselves.

  4. Pure negligence and what the heck were they thinking? Whatever it is…thoughts and hopes are that William is found quickly and unharmed.
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  5. marie mortaeza says:

    Don’t wanna say much, only interested to have the little boy back to his family ASAP!…..I’m sending distant healing energies to William and his parents and I seek assistance from other Energy Therapists, Intuitive Healers, Reiki Masters/Teacher/Therapist and all Loving-caring Samaritans across the Universe that saw this ‘Calling’ PLEASE……LETS JUST BRING FORTH AND SEND YOUR DISTANT HEALING/UNIVERSAL HEALING ENERGIES SO THAT THIS INNOCENT 6YR OLD TO BE FOUND, SAFE AND UNHARMED IN NO TIME!!

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