Of pizza delivery and racist dogs

So I ordered pizza for delivery because the result of a last minute culinary attempt turned out inedible.

By the way there’s a current promotion on Pizza Hut where you get a free pizza if you order on-line via their website. Having gone through their on-line ordering process, I honestly feel that I deserved the free pizza, whether or not I end up ordering on-line. In summary I had to sign up for TWO accounts just to place an order. It might have been almost acceptable in say, 2002. But not really because at that time, I worked for an e-commerce site. Want to buy something from our site? Certainly, sign up for an account and click click click to add items to your cart. So I do know how it works. This completely boggles the mind.

The pizza delivery boy came. As he was leaving, I heard the neighbour’s dog bark at him. Side track: I live in an apartment type of building and you’re not supposed to have dogs as pets living in your apartment. Some of the people living here do. I don’t give a shit as long as they don’t bark the place down (yappy dogs are the worst) or poo everywhere. Live and let live, within reason of course.

So the yappy dog barked at the delivery boy, who is of Malay ethnicity. Driven by hunger, my mind started wondering: if dogs kept by Chinese bark at Malays and Indians, then dogs kept by Malays (no, it’s not haram) and Indians bark at who?

Think about it.



  1. thinkthinkthink – no result so far

  2. that’s why cats are preferred!
    KY recently posted..It’s balut time!My Profile

  3. I think yappy dogs bark indiscriminately at people of all ethnicities and regardless of who owns them.
    mela recently posted..sleepless and miserableMy Profile

  4. I have to find for my cat as he is too quiet. Sometimes I wonder sometimes, whether he had run away from my house!

  5. Have to do experiment to be sure.

  6. haha…racist dogs! remind me of my 3 older dogs who are not in rainbow bridge. the noisiest ones I have ever known and the worst racist possible. anyone darker than me is worth barking including my dad!
    missyblurkit recently posted..Rip Curl 6-star Pro SurfMy Profile

    • Hmm that’s an interesting perspective.. maybe the dogs are so used to their owners’ skin colours that anyone who don’t look like them, are enemies?

  7. Cheryl Yee says:

    1) Why you never blog for ages …
    2) Can I try to order on-line here in Cambodia…will they deliver…
    3) The dogs are not entirely racist but merely they sniff the up to no good humans…and this brings me back to the memories when Janice and I went to SPCA or Paws ( memory loss syndrome ) and the dogs ( mongrels and pedigrees ) were barking at some gangster looking Indians…. not being a racist here but I can recall Janice saying something that reminded me of a black human who was not entirely our favourite person because then again…Janice said …even the dogs are telling us something…so it’s not entirely the race but dogs have such a good sniffing sense…the ability to differentiate good and bad…coz we weren’t barked at…hahaha so maybe the Pizza delivery guy must have did something like Not Feed him with your free pizza? hahahaha…
    Please blog more…keeps me away from being homesick….

  8. Come to think about it, my dog actually has several other families she used to hang out with, and they were like Indian. So she’s not one to be picky. On the other hand, she does bark at certain characters passing by.

  9. I can’t order online at all. The silly online system doesn’t believe my address exists. Call and the phone and they find it no problem. Lame.
    John recently posted..Putrajaya ArchitectureMy Profile

    • Hahaha wait till you hear about my McDonalds ordering experience via phone… But yeah, sucks to be you cos sometimes they have decent on-line promos πŸ™

  10. Cheryl Yee says:

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  11. dogs are used to their owners’ skin color. if i’m indian, my dog will bark at strangers who are different color.

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