Going to be away for more than a week. Will be in my late grandfather’s motherland.

Lots of things have happened, some good some bad some great some not.

But part of growing up means learning to appreciate the better side of unfortunate luck.

For example, my car battery died as I was about to go run errands. But luckily for me, the next day was a Saturday and not a Sunday when most mechanics would be closed.

Last night, my notebook died. Really sucks BUT luckily for me, it happened last night so I could send it to the ‘hospital’ where it’d take at least a week for them to look into it. As I won’t be needing it until I return, what a good stroke of luck for me, eh?

Other things to be appreciative of: having a free ebook reader from KY which I’ve loaded with lots of free books for the almost daily 4 hour journeys in China.

See you when I see you.



  1. Have a safe, enjoyable trip, suan!

  2. Have a great time Suan! Be safe, but live it up too!

  3. come back soon…

  4. I need to make an effort to check out China. In particular Anhui…apparently that’s where my grandpa comes from.
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  5. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Free books FTW!

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