FOR SALE: Frosty the One-Door Fridge

Meet Frosty.

Frosty the One-Door Fridge

For years, Frosty has served my refridgeration needs and served it well. She is from the Samsung family who make rather excellent devices, such as in the case of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Indeed, there are not enough accolades for the Koreans. After all, the nation that produced gamers who cleared Diablo 3 in just 5 hours of its release deserve nothing but the highest praise.


As a one-door fridge, Frosty is designed for space maximisation best suited for the single person or a happy couple. Or anyone really, who can’t have a lot of things in their homes. Frosty comes with the usual egg compartment and a couple side pockets that no one really knows what they are for. As you might see, I keep a packet of Japanese curry in one small pocket, and a tube of tomato puree in the other. I’ll probably never use them again but that’s the beauty of owning a fridge – the ability to change your mind should you have sudden cravings for Japanese curry or a tomato-based dish later on. Pre-expiry dates, of course.

For the wider, deeper pockets, I have dried goods (green beans, barley, scallops, oyster and other typical Cina-stuff). I also keep assorted sauces there because I have the most unfortunate habit of buying too many fancy dressings that would never be used more than thrice. If you don’t want to be like me, avoid the food section in M&S… or risk falling prey to gorgeous packaging.

Frosty has a vegetable box that I mostly use for storing beer. From this point onwards, you should know that Frosty has also been keeper of all things pork, both cooked and raw. Whoever is Frosty’s new owner would receive a clean (and cleaned out) fridge, but if things like imaginary lingering pig’s DNA offends you, you should probably consider looking for a less exciting fridge ad.

A ‘chilled room’ drawer lies just below the freezer. I am sad to say that I overestimated the weight of an item and thus it caused a couple cracks to the slide-out drawer. It is most certainly still usable; in fact currently it stores half a packet of tofu puffs, and some lower end newly-purchase Emmental cheese. If you buy Frosty, the Emmental cheese is yours too for FREE!

And now, Frosty’s Freezer. The most fought-for space inside Frosty. For an older fridge, the freezer works exceedingly well. Unfortunately as an older model, it builds ice BUT it’s easily de-frostable with just a push of a button. My housemate and I use it mostly to store ice cubes, though currently I have some Terengganu-bought lekor in there. Should you be moved to buy Frosty, I might be moved to fry you some of the utterly delicious, cannot-be-found-in-KL lekor. Might.

What else should you know about Frosty? Hmm I think she’s almost perfect except for the chilled room drawer cracks. My fault, entirely. Also sometimes the light doesn’t work but only once in a while. I’ve never figured out why, maybe it’s time for a new bulb? Perhaps you’ve noticed my foot at Frosty’s door .That’s because I was trying to take a photo of the inside, and I had to make sure that the door doesn’t swing back to close again. If you missed the not-so-subtle point I was trying to make, the door swinging part works.

So, how much do I want Frosty for? I scoured the Net (, har har) and came to the conclusion that RM300 is a reasonable price to ask for Frosty, given her older age and good working condition.

But being Malaysians, I know how we’ve to ask for a cheaper price even though the price is already cheap. It’s okay, I do that sometimes then hide myself from society for a few days in disgust, ashamed of my cheapo-ness which is most likely a racial genetic trait.

Hence if you were in front of me and we were discussing Frosty’s selling price, I’d imagine the conversation to be as follow:

Me: Frosty’s yours for RM300!
You: Har? So expensive ar? Cheaper can or not?
Me: How much cheaper you want lehh…
You: Cheaper la, we fren fren mah.. can lah…
Me: Haiyah, you ah.. ok lah gua kasi fren punya harga.. RM250!
You: Aiyoh boss… kasi murah sikit lagi la…
Me: Wah gua kasi lu manyak murah, lu mau murah lagi kaaa??
You: Boleh laaaa kawan mah..
Me: Ok ok BEST AND LAST PRICE! RM200! Mali PJ angkat.

What an excellent bargain! Anyone? Let me know.

Note: Frosty has gone to a hopefully better home. As she’s a fridge and not a pet/child, I don’t expect her new owners to write. Thanks all πŸ™‚



  1. sorry i can’t buy frosty but i love the pic of frosty with your foot in flipflops propping it open. :P:P:P

  2. longest post for a single door fridge, ever.
    KY recently posted..KY eats – Balik Pulau Asam Laksa, PenangMy Profile

  3. I love this post! Ahaha!
    Chee Ching recently posted..#YOLO Adventures in Chiang Mai Part 1My Profile

  4. Checked your fridge – no Nutella inside??
    I would love to send Frosty RM 300 so he can sell himself out of slavery and could live in freedom ever after.

    • :O Any true Nutellla fan would know that you cannot keep Nutella in a fridge, Frosty or not..! It is just.not.done.

      • It is important part of European Culture to store Nutella in a fridge. I learnd from my granny, she learnd from her and so on back in the times when fridges were first founded.
        And I swear my grannys are the biggest Nutella fans who ever ate a Nutella sandwich in this universe.
        I am sure Frosty would be lucky to guard Miss Nutella and keep her cool.

  5. lol..i had a good laugh at your sales pitch to sell Frosty. Seriously funny…

    And I like the new blog layout. Nice….
    missyblurkit recently posted..Snorkeling Gone WrongMy Profile

  6. Frosty soooooo cute I think we don’t sell it .

  7. The best ad I have ever seen for a fridge! Frosty is lucky to have had you as the owner! πŸ™‚

  8. BruneiKuehMorFan says:

    Suanie, seriously would buy Frosty from you just for that makemelaughuntilmykuehsapit flew out of my mouth posting. Can’t cart it to Brunei but hope you find a not to cheapo buyer. Love reading your blog, puts a smile on my face. Thanks on behalf of all the Asian women of our generation in Malaysia and Brunei who don’t fit into neat pigeon hole categories!! You’re witty, complex, cosmopolitan and proud to be Cina! As am I!

  9. Sung to the tune of Frosty the Snowman

    Frosty the blue fridge is a jolly happy soul
    He’s a 1-door fridge with a couple of holes but can fill a lot of bowls
    Frosty the blue fridge is a fairy tale they say
    He was made in Seoul but little I know that he’ll come into my life one day

    There must’ve been some magic in those drawers that I found
    For when I placed the veg inside they began to dance around

    Frosty the blue fridge and the sun was hot one day,
    In the fridge I saw a can of beer and downed it straight away
    Down at the pub with beer that’s in my hand,
    But I thought of Frosty sitting there all alone near the pans
    I got right home and there he was happy as a log
    But the time has come to say goodbye as I opened up my blog

    For Frosty the blue fridge has to hurry on his way,
    And I’ll wave goodbye saying don’t you cry,
    We will meet again some day

    Thumpetty thump thump, Thumpetty thump thump ……

  10. Hi, I just now stumbled upon and saw that it is on sale !!!

  11. best sales pitch ever for a RM300 fridge. I’m sure Frosty feels lucky to have an owner like you. I also expect Frosty to be filled with beers! hahha
    eiling recently posted..Your Guide to Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum @ Hong KongMy Profile

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