Eating in, eating out – food updates

… because it’s the easiest thing to blog about when you’ve been MIA.

1. Home cooked tau yu bak (braised pork belly)

Home cooked tau yew bak

This is a childhood favourite. It’s called something else in Johor but I can’t remember it now. Braised pork belly in soy sauce with tofu and egg, mmm who can resist?? So I tried making it using NoobCook’s recipe. Not bad except that it could have been slightly saltier… and less dark soy sauce. I think the next time I make it, it would be better.

I rock.

2. Quinoa with sides

Quinoa with duck, vegetables

In a pseudo attempt to eat healthier, I bought a packet of red quinoa to replace white rice (because I was lost at the selection of brown rice). So I cooked it according to instructions on the packet, it turned out great. Subsequent attempts didn’t work as well until I used the rice cooker but that’s another story. I steamed some vegetables, pan grilled mushrooms and heated up leftover duck. Think I might be bored of quinoa soon.

3. Nasi campur @ Restoran A.J. , Damansara Utama

Restoran AJ - nasi campur

Marcky introduced me to Restoran A.J. in Uptown, end lot in the same row as TM. We had late breakfast and stayed long enough for lunch nasi campur delights to come out. Great accidental decision! The 2 owners are Johorean and Japanese, and the asam pedas is VERY FRESH, recipe decidedly from the south region. Excellent for weekend lunch! They will have Ramadhan buffet soon, don’t recall the exact price but I remember it being most reasonable. Go check it out.

4. Hyderabadi Dhum Biryani @ Fierce Curry House, Bangsar

Fierce Curry House Bangsar - Hyderabadi Dhum Biryani

Finally had the chance to try this as I’ve been reading lots of good things about it. I’ve not shut up telling everyone about it either. The rice, spices and meat are cooked overnight in a metal pot, sealed with a layer of dough to keep the moisture in. Really good, even my housemate Kerol who’s a discerning diner (and can be terribly unforgiving in her judgment of food – most Penangnites are like that) admitted that it was pretty good. So there. It’s near the Bangsar LRT station, google for its exact location just like I did.

5. Pig’s intestine soup @ Ming Tien, Taman Megah

Ming Tien Taman Megah - pig intestine soup

After a late night messing about with my hair, my hairdresser took me to Ming Tien for the most delicious supper of pig’s intestine soup. They have a selection of porky goodies, just take what you want (and of course pay for it later in more ways than one). Pork belly, soft ribs, big and small intestines, liver, stomach, skin, assorted pork balls, vegetables etc. They boil it all up and serve to you in a peppery soup with bits of bittergourd.

O.M.G.. porky heaven! It’s the stall at the same row as the one selling Italian pizza/pasta. Can’t miss.



  1. oo, i didn’t know about the pork intestine soup!

  2. I shall try the tau yu bak recipe one day! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. KY: Now you do! Let’s go!

    oliviasy: Do it! I followed the recipe but should have added soy sauce instead of dark soy sauce for a slightly saltier taste. Noob mistake ๐Ÿ™‚

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