Sinfully delicious Tan Kee Popiah at Taman Eng Ann, Klang

When my colleague wanted to guide us to Klang for popiah (fresh spring roll), I thought to myself, “Popiah only what.. what’s so good about popiah that we have to go all the way to Klang for..?”

That was because I never had Tan Kee‘s popiah! Now that I’ve had it, I think the short journey is worthwhile to experience one of the best popiah in Klang Valley!

Tan Kee Poh Piah, Taman Berkely, Klang

Tan Kee Poh Piah is one of the many stalls at Taman Eng Ann’s hawker centre. Taman Eng Ann is next to Taman Berkeley. They’re both in Klang which is like the harbourer of good, affordable Chinese food in Klang Valley.

What’s in this popiah that makes it so delicious? Let’s see:

Tan Kee Poh Piah, Taman Berkely, Klang - filling

For RM1.50 per roll, you get: homemade popiah skin (light and thin), sweet and spicy sauce (you can request for non-spicy), fragrant julienned turnip, tofu, egg, cucumber, grilled Chinese pork sausage (lap cheong) and fried lard (chu yao char).

… which makes it non-halal. Sorry!

With ingredients like that, it’s impossible for it not to be yummy! Okay there are two cons to this: 1) because of the fried lard + oil, it’s slightly oily and may be a turn off for healthy-eating type of people; and 2) it gets soggy fast so not really recommended for takeaway to be eaten a few hours later.

Solution? Go eat it at the hawker centre la. There are other stalls selling decent food: Indian rojak, assam laksa, chee cheong fun (pretty good), deep fried prawn crackers (very good!) etc. They’re open from 11am to late afternoon.

Location on Wikimapia (tagged “Under Big Tree Hawker Stall”): *Link*

So, where’s your favourite place for popiah?



  1. If I hate lapcheong, would I still enjoy this popiah? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You are weird. Nobody hates GRILLED lapcheong, NOBODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. The fried popiah in the lane next to the original Ah See Wantan Mee is very good what. I still think its the BEST fried popiah evarrrrrr! *Crunch crunch*

  4. Hui Hui says:

    Droolinggggg… can you deliver some to me pleaseeeeeeee

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