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Green bean and barley soup

I’d never appreciated the combination of green bean and barley soup until a couple of years ago when I was served a bowl at my uncle’s funeral. As the norm for Chinese funerals, a caterer is hired and she would cook simple food items for mourners and guests. A Chinese dessert – tong sui is usually included. It can be anything from green or red bean soup to fu chuk yee mai (barley with beancurd skin); could be that something soupy, warm and sweet would take away the pain. Or that food is the solution to everything under the sky.

Now I love it and it’s the only tong sui I’d make. Ok well it’s the only tong sui I know how to make… for now. Some pearl barley, green beans, pandan leaves and rock sugar boiled and simmered in harmony. Simple comforts to help go through all uncertainties in life.



  1. tongsui are usually pretty simple to make, but the amount of sugar you have to put.. sometimes that bothers me. :/

  2. Solution: Don’t put too much sugar lor..

  3. Suanie, Y U NO MAKE EXTRA?

  4. Heheh come come but Julea makes better 😉

  5. Green beans with barley? That’s new to me. But I like the idea..perhaps that could con Dennis into eating green beans:D

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