How ‘Nohkea the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ came to be

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia 100

… of ‘Nohkea the Nexus’ as I affectionately call it, a device I’ve had for over a month now. By the way I’m unsure if mobile phones have assigned genders. Cars are grouped to be females (mine’s Gladys) but what about mobile phones? It doesn’t seem to have as high a value as vehicles to be properly categorised. I’m calling it IT until I make up my mind, which is probably never because it’s actually a useless thing to spend time thinking about ๐Ÿ˜‰

Before I go on talking about using an Android-powered smartphone, there are 4 mini stories that I’d like to share about how I ended up with Nohkea the Nexus.

1) It wasn’t supposed to be a Nexus
I had my heart set on the Samsung Galaxy Note. My housemate Kerol has one and the 5’3″ screen real estate called to me. I think that’s the primary attraction of the Samsung Galaxy Note for me.

I wanted to get it bundled with a Celcom package and plan (cheaper phone price, no money mah…). To cut a long boring frustrating story short, ALL Celcom branches in Klang Valley (and Seremban) had no stock. To elaborate on the long boring frustrating story, mch. I had to switch soon as my current phone at that time was dying and I did not have a spare one.

The Celcom outlet in Subang Parade told me that they had stock for Samsung Galaxy Nexus. After reading up a bit on the phone (mentally psyching myself to let go of the better camera and bigger display), I went ahead and got it.

2) Casing and screen protector
While purchasing the Nexus, the girl told me that the phone plan came bundled with a casing and screen protector, for which I’d to pay an extra RM130. I was like, NOEE WAIIIII ‘cos I know that accessories sold outside are a lot cheaper with more design variety. She was like, but it comes bundled so if you want this phone and package, you’ll have to get the accessories. I was like, NO YOU CANNOT MAKE ME BUY THE EXTRA STUFF, WHERE GOT PEOPLE GET FORCED TO BUY ONE, I DON’T WANT IT, I REFUSE TO HAVE IT, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME BUY IT!!! She was like, okok I ask my boss…

So I managed to buy the Nexus without having to buy the accessories at the same shop. After my purchase, we left the shop smug with victory and triumph of knowing that I stood my ground. But casings and screen protectors are necessity so we walked around Subang Parade looking for the accessories for my new phone.

Whaddya know, the phone model was so new that no one had accessories for it!

With my humble pie in tow, I returned to the shop where I’d gotten my phone. Asked for the casing and screen protector, paid the RM130 and left with my tail between my legs.

3) To my faithful departed Nokia N86 8MP
I had to get a new phone because my well-used and beloved Nokia N86 8MP was at its death bed. The Malays would call it, nyawa-nyawa ikan. Sometimes it’d freeze, often times it couldn’t be properly charged etc. Still it hanged on patiently while I looked for my replacement phone.

That night when I brought back Nohkea the Nexus was the night when my Nokia N86 8MP died. Could not be revived at all, no matter what I did. Weird or what? What a trooper, it’d served me very well!

Nokia phones = best for longevity!

4) Nohkea the Nexus, wtf?
Joyce and Kevin accompanied me to buy the phone. I asked them to help me name it. After several disastrous suggestions (sorry but they were horrible ๐Ÿ˜› ) Kevin came up with ‘Nohkea’. I loved it and that was how my phone became ‘Nohkea the Nexus’ ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Auntie Yean says:

    My Galaxy SII is still far from its death bed. But I am restraining myself from buying the Galaxy Note just yet -like you, adored the 5.3 screen and better features than SII. Went to Celcom twice, 2nd visit just last week, ok, they have the set. But you need to make an upfront payment of almost what I called silly, because you can get from other shops like Sen and they give you 0%! It is like a Chinese saying “With a full stomach selling buns!” Sorry, that is what banana people is with Chinese proverbs.

  2. Haha the upfront RM300 will be given back to you one mar. But if you mean have to pay full price for the phone, yeah they don’t have installment one. But the phone is RM300 cheaper compared to outside lor

  3. All my father wants from Samsung, is its answer machine.

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