Things I Ate: a backlog of plenty

If you’d noticed, I’ve not been blogging regularly. Life happens and time just passes you by. I’ve a lot of things I want to blog, unfortunately sometimes the photos sit in my folders for so long that their worthiness expires. Oh well still I’d like to talk about them. Now ๐Ÿ˜‰

So here are some stuff that I ate, didn’t blog, now blogging. Note: Tidak ditanggung halal.

1) Gaucho Grill, KL

Suanie Ate - Gaucho Grill

One of the many Groupon purchases. Something like 50% off listed price for 280g sirloin steak. Was very worth it, I thought as Gaucho Grill has pretty decent food. Chilled beef, not frozen and quite delicious. I’ve seen Gaucho Grill offering group buying deals a few times already (from different sites) and I wonder why they’re so.. generous? Oh well next time if you see deals by Gaucho Grill, I suggest you get a couple and give it a go.

Suanie Ate - Steak at Gaucho Grill

2) Penang Food Fest @ The Saujana Kuala Lumpur

Was invited to check out this promotion as it was under the auspices of the Penang Chefs Association. Apparently ambassadors of this group go around and promote Penang food, which is a noble cause indeed. Nonetheless Penang food in Penang and Penang food outside Penang is never the same, though I laud their efforts. I had a pretty good time catching up with old friends and making new ones, and dinner was decent. I thought they did an above average char kuey teow.

Suanie Ate - Saujana Kuala Lumpur Penang food fest

3) Breakfast at IKEA

Did you know that IKEA’s cafe and restaurant serves breakfast? I didn’t, now I do.

Suanie Ate - Breakfast at IKEA

4) Homemade Awesomesauce Pasta

Linguine with mustard pork chop, mushrooms, rocket leaves, pine nuts and roasted pumpkin. I rock so hard, you wouldn’t believe.

Suanie Ate - Homemade awesome pasta

5) Pork fest at Bavarian Bierhouse, The Curve at Mutiara Damansara

Always happy to dine here as they serve good pork dishes. A little on the pricey side but you pay for quality and quantity. We had cold cuts, the sausage platter (fantastic!) and roast pork knuckles washed down with copious amounts of Paulaner. That was a definition of a good evening.

Suanie Ate - Bavarian Bierhouse, The Curve

6) Yeoh’s Bak Kut Teh, Glenmarie

Supposedly they have branches and it’s endorsed by the Klang Hokkien association or something? Whatever it is, they are okay lah. I’d say half a point above average but that’s it as I thought the soup had way too much soy sauce. The meats were average, I asked for soft bone ribs and it came out not quite soft bone ribs. So, I don’t know… might return to this shop though as it’s the only BKT shop in the area.

Suanie Ate - Yeoh's Bak Kut Teh, Glenmarie

7) Casa de Cocco, Taman Desa

New restaurant in the neighbourhood! Swears by slow food movement, cooks almost everything in their wood oven. They use rubber wood from Melaka which gives off a nicer smell. Apparently the chef Mr Yong was quite the rock star in the 80s, he founded and ran a highly popular Chinese magazine not unlike The Malaysian Post in its time (if you have to ask, you don’t have to know). And now he cooks, hah!

Suanie Ate - Casa de Cocco, Taman Desa

Casa de Cocco in Taman Desa is the row down from Sri Kota. They took over Cafe Libre’s spot which is next to a clinic. Go check it out when you can.


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