OPIKA Organic Market & Restaurant, 1Utama

When talk about organic food, two things come to mind: expensive and bland. Pay so much to eat rabbit food, what for want to live so long life if cannot enjoy it, right? Insert old joke about doctor asking patient why he wanted to live longer if he didn’t smoke, drink nor womanize.

My sentiments exactly. I like the idea of eating healthier but on the other hand, I’d give all that up for my food not to taste like hay. Eurgh.

The people behind OPIKA are well aware of that. That was why when the concept for a new eatery was discussed, they went all out to make their food flavourful and delicious, while maintaining organic ingredients sourced locally as much as possible.

No ‘organic’ products from China here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Opika organic market and restaurant at 1utama

Located on the same level as my favourite Japanese restaurant Hokkaido Ichiba, OPIKA is half an eatery and half a market selling fresh and dried organic goods. When we were there on an invitation from the owners, the market was still being slowly populated with goods. That was a couple weeks ago, there should be more options now. The restaurant on the other side of the lot has a rather IKEA-ish feel to it; cosy.

To start off our (long) meal, we sampled a couple of soups.

Opika @ 1U - Mushroom and Pumpkin soup

Mushroom soup (RM15) was light, a blend of different types of mushrooms and has a naturally earthy taste. Pumpkin soup (RM15) made from sweet Japanese pumpkin and contains roasted capsicums, delicious. Both are usually served without cream but they’re here for photography purposes.

Opika @ 1U - quinoa salad

The Quinoa Salad (RM20) is possibly one of the tastiest things I’d tried, and is something I’d return to OPIKA for (many times over). It’s tasty, spicy and has a blend of so many other flavours that come together as a wonderful explosion in your mouth.

Opika @ 1U - quinoa salad close up

Combined with the quinoa is a mix of avocado, ulam, kerabu and mango topped with fresh prawns. It is served with a side of greens with kaduk leaf tempura and succulent vanilla-infused tomatoes (must-try), topped with nipah dressing. The flavour of the dish is sweet, zesty and spicy. You really have to go try this one, I tell you..!

Opika @ 1U - scallops with mango wasabi sauce

Scallops with mango wasabi sauce (RM30): light pan-seared crusted scallops pierced on lemon grass to impart a fragrant lemony scent served with 2 sauces: green Asian pesto and mango wasabi. The homemade crust contains sesame seeds, breadcrumbs, home spices and a yummy secret ingredient, mmmmm. A delicious and appetising starter.

Opika @ 1U - linguine with pesto and salmon

For our first main, we sampled the linguine with pine nut pesto and house-spiced pan-seared salmon (RM35). The salmon crust was very good (same as the one used for scallops starter) and the homemade pesto was fragrant and the blend just right. The pasta was a bit soft but you can request for al dente as most Malaysians prefer their pasta to be soft or mushy.

Opika @ 1U - tossing the pasta

We also tried: Swedish style meatballs with mashed potatoes (RM28), carbonara fettuccine with grilled fungi and grilled chicken (RM30) and nasi ulam with percik chicken (RM30).

The meatballs dish was good albeit a tad salty. They use a mixture of beef, lamb and chicken to make the meatballs; you know you’re eating homemade rolled meat and factory-produced generic meatballs overladen with starch and whatnots. It’s served with mashed potatos mixed with green beans and lingonberry.

Opika @ 1U - meatballs, pasta, nasi ulam

I didn’t particularly fancy the pasta, it just didn’t do it for me though I suspect it’d be a favourite among kids. As for the nasi ulam, I thought it was okay with a generous serving of ulam. The percik chicken was cooked slow-confit style. I think that contributed to the slightly salty taste to the chicken. Get the chef to debone it for you if possible, it’s easier to enjoy it that way.

Dessert in form of cakes is available, I enjoyed their black forest cake with dark organic chocolate and brandy (RM14). They also serve a variety of mixed organic freshly-made fruit juices at RM17.90 each. I particularly liked the one with carrots + apples + lemon, refreshing!

Opika @ 1U - fresh fruit juices

Do check out OPIKA at:

Opika Organic Market & Restaurant
LG 105-106, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old-New Wing).
(same row as Hokkaido Ichiba, opposite Ninja Joe)
Tel: 03-7732-2581



  1. the food looks nice and yummy. went there twice when they were still renovating to fix their streamyx

  2. yeap, i was a bit surprised at how good organic dishes in a restaurant could taste

  3. For a moment there, I was confused because I was thinking organic=vegetarian haha! Interesting indeed.

  4. Lulu Cattywampus says:

    Looks nice. A must try – errr…were there any vegetarian dishes?

  5. Suertes: hahha well they used to be both bland and tasteless to me ๐Ÿ˜›

    Lulu: Don’t remember but we can find out.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I went to buy their dried stuff cos already ate at Hokkaido Ichiba. Let’s go to try their food soon!

  7. nicely written suan! totally agree that the food does not have to taste like hay.

    QUINOA!!! my fav!! went back again. and again. and again!

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