Look what’s in my IKEA carrier bag!

I’ve a couple of photos that I just have to share.
It’s just one of those things that are really, really cute.
They are so cute that no one cares if you don’t agree.
I find them irresistible and so here they are.
Behold, it’s baby in an IKEA carrier bag!

IKEA - baby in IKEA bag

Actually my mom did it.
She was helping me with my things.
And decided to put the baby inside.
And called me over, LOOK!!!
I turned around to have a look.
I laughed. My mom laughed.
Baby was not amused.

IKEA - bag carrying a baby

Oh don’t worry, it was only for seconds and for photos only.
These IKEA carrier bags are really very sturdy.
I have a few and really make them work their worth.
My handyman uses one to transport all his heavy tools.
I’ve used them for my books when I was shifting to a new place.
They are also used for my laundry and so on.
I’ve them in several sizes but always go back to the biggest one.
Insert overused line here.

Speaking of IKEA, they’re having a sale from now till March 28th.
I was at the sales preview, so many things I wanted to buy!
But budget doesn’t allow, so tahan first heheh.
The preview began at 7.30am. I was there at 8am.
There were MANY shoppers at IKEA already…!
Wah lau, almost like going to the pasar like that, heh.



  1. baby didn’t look particularly amused.

  2. nope not at all ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. My first apartment was fully outfitted from Ikea. It’s a great place to go and do some wishful thinking.

  4. Somehow, that picture reminded me of the biblical Moses.

  5. hahaha … “the biblical Moses”. Thats very funny!
    I tried and – yes – baby reminds me of an biblical moses too… haha

  6. zyan’s sooo cute!!! and her expression.. haha!

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ thats funny. Ikea is an amazing store. The one here in melbourne is massive. Is that the Ikea in malaysia?

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