If you are against eating sharks’ fins, you should be against Kongming lanterns

Do you know what Kongming lanterns are?
They’re also known as Chinese lanterns, or sky lanterns.
They are baaadd and I hate hate hate hate them!

Actually that’s not entirely true. I like them when they’re in 2D, like this:

Chinese lanterns in TANGLED

Beautiful, right? Sure. Romantic and dreamy, yes? Weak knees inducing. Wish something like that would happen in real life?

… Hell no!

Once a long time ago in the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang was trapped in a city surrounded by enemies. He calculated the force of the winds, and made a lantern that would rise to the sky, a signal for help. Friendly army units received the SOS message and went to save him. Later these lanterns were named ‘Kongming’ lanterns, named after Zhuge Liang whose style name is Kongming.

Then Chinese people being Chinese saw that there was money to be made, and began to spread the idea that lighting up and releasing these lanterns would make your wishes and dreams come true.

Really. If that’s the case, why don’t I earn my daily bread by just releasing lanterns into the sky instead of having a full time job? It would be far more pleasurable and believe me, I would really enjoy it.

This is where some people would berate me and accuse me of spoiling the fun. Why not let people do as they like, perhaps their wishes would really be fulfilled because they believed in it and the positivity would attract similar energies etc etc ?

F- off. Go to a bookshop, head towards the ‘Self Help’ section, pick a book and apply what you’ve read instead of releasing lanterns into the sky. It would work better and you wouldn’t be f-ing up anyone’s lives.


They are dangerous to people, cars, houses, livestock, birds, airplanes, trees, public properties and more.
Yes they are pretty to look at when you lit them and they fly off into the sky. I understand the appeal.
I know very well the dangers they pose, which should scare the shit out of you and make you stop f-ing around with them anymore.
Just do a simple Google search about the dangers of Chinese flying lanterns. Read.
Imagine yourself in their shoes.

This happened this past Chinese New Year at a family friend, Aay’s house:

Destructive KongMing Chinese lanterns

Someone nearby let out a few Kongming lanterns. It was windy and at first this one flew into another neighbour’s porch, dangerously close to their car.

Then the wind picked it up and it flew into Aay’s house. It got near to the electric poles before a drop in the wind led it straight to the string of electric lights that he’d put up in his porch for the celebration.

Someone managed to put out the lantern with water. And that’s the photo you see.

Imagine if it was someone’s roof top. Or the thing gets tangled in electricity poles. Or just so happened to drop at your car.

Are you going to be responsible for the devastation that you’d caused?

Didn’t think so.

But it has happened, and it will continue to happen if people still let off these damn things.

Do the right thing and tell others.



  1. i can see the danger of kongming lanterns and how we should not use it, but the comparison to sharks fins … heh..

  2. Why? Other creatures’ lives are not as valuable or commercial as the shark? These lanterns affect other endangered animals too, well-documented.

  3. I concur with you. The lanterns are dangerous. As pretty as they may be, it’s hazardous to houses, people, flight crafts especially.

  4. i never get the logic of… if you’re against this, you should be against that too. informative article but very poorly titled.

  5. oliviasy: yeap. it’s selfish, irresponsible and it’s esp not ok to let them off in a town/city

    kim: got the attention, right ๐Ÿ™‚ just a msg to some people

  6. But… but… but… I love sharks’ fins soup leh…

  7. heh. so do a lot of people

  8. you sound like my dad during cny this year!! he was saying we have no idea how dangerous these are.. we did tell him he’s a killjoy ๐Ÿ™ ok i shall now be against kongming lanterns. and sharksfin. and shark cartilage!

  9. i don’t like them too but we can’t stop people from sending them up.

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