Famous Seremban beef noodles @ Seremban market

On our way to Melaka, we stopped by Seremban for our 2nd breakfast.
The 1st was dim sum at Taman Megah and your life did not change for the better upon knowing that.

Apparently Seremban is famous for BBQ crabs and beef noodles.
And of course, Cheesie 😉
I think there’s one more thing but it slipped my mind at the moment.

The famous beef noodles is in the food court inside the big Seremban market.
There are two other shops also, operated by family members.
Sorry I can’t give you directions to the big Seremban market.
You could always ask someone else though.
Or use your fancy schmancy GPS or something.
Can’t be that hard, even my aunt and uncle use their GPS to great discoveries.

Seremban wet market

Locate the food court. Have to climb some stairs.
It’s a friggin’ HUGE food court selling all sorts of food!
Look out for stall no. 748.

Seremban market beef noodles stall - stall no 748

The younger generation is taking over the business.

Seremban market beef noodles stall - stirring the goods

It’s Hainanese-style beef noodles, you can get just meat or a mix of beef with spare parts (tripe etc). One bowl goes for RM6.00, the ‘dry’ version comes with a bowl of soup. The noodles are hand-made and you can’t get them anywhere else, the lady owner told me proudly.

Seremban market famous beef noodles

So this is Hainanese beef noodles – fat rice noodles (not unlike those used for assam laksa)= but thicker) drenched in a savory + peppery sticky sauce with peanuts, salted vegetables (kiam chai), spring onions and sesame seeds.

Having been brought up on soupy Batu Pahat beef noodles, I’m still not quite sure what to make of this. Definitely interesting and you should try it for yourself when you’re in Seremban.



  1. I prefer this version of beef noodles than the rest (wantan mee styled, soup based or whatsoever). It’s the thick beef broth/gravy they used that make it so yummy! They say it’s ex transport minister’s favourite. Hehe.

    And the shop selling rat tail noodles next to it stole my rat tail noodle photo and used it on their signboard. #random

  2. i love this version as well as the dry KL version! i wanna go this place!!!

  3. i cannot decide if you were trying to write a poem on the first few paragraphs/lines.. ermm

  4. @Jason: It’s nice to eat but it was a bit weird for me as it was my 1st time eating this kind of sticky gravy noodles, heh. takes some getting used to.

    sorry didn’t notice the stall next door, was fixated on this one, heh. kick them!

    @kim: hmm then it must be to your liking ‘cos I’ve never liked the KL dry version :X

    @KY: i was about to ask if i’m the sort to write rubbish poems, then i thought to myself again…

  5. I think JB got one, something like that..

  6. Ah, have many fond memories of this place. Nicely complemented by the free soup they give, and the sugarcane juice just next door. Glad you had a good time there Suanie

  7. suertes: i’m not familiar with JB at all so I can’t say…!

    vagus: indeed! i think there are other gems in Seremban to be discovered.

  8. long time no eat…

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