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Samsung Malaysia, whither fairness?

When the Samsung Galaxy Note was launched, my housemate Kerol went to Pavilion to get a unit bundled with a Celcom package. It was supposed to be the best phone ever, unfortunately she didn’t get the chance to experience the awesomeness of the phone then.

She took it home, left it to charge for many hours (as you do for new phones). When it was fully charged, she took it out and played with it a little. She noticed that the battery life was ridiculously short. Later she found out that it was due to the instability of the phone’s network connection. In short, the phone constantly looked for available networks and if you’d know anything about this, you’d know that this would quickly zap up the battery.

Kerol thought it was a SIM card problem and so had it changed. It wasn’t. So she went to the Samsung customer service in PJ. Upon inspection (and after upgrading the software etc), they told Kerol that the problem must be a hardware problem and asked her to send it in for repair.

Err… is this fair? A phone is not like a house or a car where the amount spent and commitment to pay is so great that you can’t get a new one if the one you received had defects. In any case, she received a faulty unit from the start and I thought the right thing for Samsung to do was to apologise and replace her unit with a brand new one.

So Kerol sent an email to Samsung customer service, telling them what I just told you. And that she doesn’t want the phone repaired, she wants a new one as replacement. Samsung customer service emailed back, asking her to “back up your data and send your mobile phone to the nearest Samsung Customer Service Center for further verification before any decision for replacement.”

Throughout the few phone conversations asking for updates on the situation, Kerol maintained that she wanted a new unit because she was sold a defect one through no fault of hers, and it wasn’t right for her to only get back a repaired phone. To cut the story short, they changed the phone’s motherboard and told her to collect it. In the end she had no choice but to collect, bound by personal reasons (such as needing to sell off her current phone and that Celcom’s already charging her for service).

I thought it was VERY unfair for Kerol to not get a brand new unit. I thought it was very disgraceful of Samsung customer service centre to push the fixed phone on her. I’ve been singing Samsung’s phones’ praises to all and sundry and it was partly my persuasion that made Kerol decide to get the Samsung Galaxy Note. The desirable and awesome phone is all but marred by the irresponsible, shoddy, “not our problem” customer service.

What do you think?