Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Allo! I’ll be out and about, busy and such. Will have a giveaway next week but other than that will be pretty quiet.
I wish you lot a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
May you get what you want and what you think you deserve :)

For straight girls, gay dudes and whoever that appreciates:

Sexy Christmas Guys

For the straight guys, lesbians and whoever that appreciates:

Sexy Christmas Girls

Mwah mwah!

Food notes: aglio olio + fried bihun + Siu Siu

Aglio olio with butter and oyster sauce

If you’re like me: unmarried + not living with a significant other + not living with parents + can buy own meals, thinking of what and where to eat can be a major #firstworldproblem.

That was how the aglio olio with butter and oyster sauce idea came about. I really have no other explanations.

Angel hair aglio olio with butter and oyster sauce

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t too good. The smell was fragrant and thinly sliced sauteed garlic is always a winner in my books. As you can see, it’s a bit too wet. Reason: I didn’t want to thicken the sauce with water leftover from boiling pasta (‘cos I added a lot of salt in it). Instead of normal flour, I used corn flour. I’ve no idea why. But you bet I won’t be replicating this.

There, I did it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

NoobCook’s Fried Bihun with Stewed Pork

I love fried bihun. I tried frying bihun. It sucked. I tried again. It rocked. Kinda. I went a bit crazy with the amount of water to put in. It turned out a bit wet, but still good to eat. Not bad for a second attempt using a new recipe, eh? I thought so too.

Suanie fried bihun

Link to recipe here: *click*

Siu Siu Restaurant @ Robson Heights

I forgot why but we had a family dinner the other day. Oh that’s right, cos we are family nananana I got all my sisters with me nanananana /end lame

One of the dishes we had was the curry prawns and fried buns. Could have been friggin’ A if the prawns weren’t overcooked. The curry was fantastic though and went down very well with the fried buns. We ordered and devoured a second plate of buns #fatasses

Siu Siu, Robson Heights - curry prawns with fried buns

We also had fish. This fish. It was supposed to be patin but it had whiskers like catfish. By the way, did you know that patin in English is “iridescent shark”? It’s true, I found it on Wikipedia.

Siu Siu, Robson Heights - expensive fish

It also cost RM 108. What the fuck.

How are we supposed to learn by example…

… if the people who are supposed to represent righteousness and the law don’t do it right?

PDRM at Putrajaya
In case you can’t see properly, it’s a PDRM vehicle.

So, who went to driving school and can tell me what was done wrong? ;)

Must watch! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on TGV IMAX!

I’m dedicating an entire blog post to tell you to…



No no I’m not getting money to tell you that. I went and enjoyed the experience so much that I feel it would be criminal of me not to spread the word. As a community service message. For free. Wow, can you see my halo or not??

I went to the one at TGV Sunway Pyramid where they have a new IMAX theater. I think the price varies as I searched for different days. E.g. it cost RM22 on a Saturday but it was only RM20 on a Sunday.

At first it offended my cheap Chinese sensibilities to have to pay so much money for a friggin’ movie ticket. Then I was told that RM22 is considered cheap for an IMAX show. Then Mike and LL, having watched MI:4 on IMAX the other day kept singing its praises. Okay lor.. close one eye and click to pay…

Seriously, it was worth every sen! I suppose it helps that MI:4 was partially shot using IMAX cameras so it came together like movie magic ;) Like how the movie Avatar is best watched in 3D as the director meant for it to be enjoyed that way.

So here I am telling you to go WATCH MI:4 on TGV IMAX!!!

Dec 2011 - TGV IMAX screen


The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

… aka NAPBAS. I was there ‘cos I was one of the 5 finalists for the ‘Best Micro Blog‘ category.

The awards was held this past Friday at the Putrajaya Marriott. I’ve been to the hotel before but only during daytime. Plus I left from a new place so I wasn’t very sure of my directions. So I ended up touring Putrajaya city, went on both Putrajaya bridges and rounded the city a few times because Malaysian road signs are: 1) inefficient and lead you to big useless rounds, and 2) blocked from view thanks to massive trees.

Really Kerajaan, thank you. Loved the nearly 2 hours joyride. Really.

Anyway, managed to reach there just in the nick of time.

NAPBAS 2011 programme book

Met many familiar faces, mostly known each other via blogging from a few years back. It’s (still very much so) a fantastic community :)

By the way, I’ve to mention Viva Vertical‘s pole dancing show during the awards. It was fun to watch and in KY‘s words, they had muscles where I didn’t know one could have muscles! Nah, link: *click*

Then my category came up. Wah they did this big screen thing:

NAPBAS 2011 - Micro Blog category

Damn shiok man, I felt a tingling down my spine. Quite a thrill really to see yourself on a massive projection like that. And for reasons not related to crime… best! :P

I didn’t win, Kenny Sia did. So sad, mostly because I would have liked a new digital camera, sob sniff.

Though I’ve to say, I had fun at the awards thanks to the company :) Also, it’s not everyday that you get to pose in a photo like this:

NAPBAS 2011 - Suanie in Micro Blog category

Best ever! :D By the way, if you’d voted for me, thanks yah. Really appreciate it :)