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Christmas spirit at IKEA Malaysia

When: Last Sunday, sometime around 4pm
Where: IKEA Mutiara Damansara
Why: Nothing better to do so jalan2 tengok orang

Actually I wanted some fancy IKEA boxes to store stuff in Gladys so she doesn’t look too much like a bomb shelter. I ended up with the boxes and some nice lilac hand towels that comes in a set of 4. After paying, I realised that I only had 3 hand towels. So I went to the Return and Exchange (or was it Exchange and Return..?). The guy refunded me the money for the hand towels, a grand total of RM8.90 and asked me to buy it again from IKEA marketplace. I’m like, err have to go one HUGE round again? Tak payah lah… then I passed the money to Joyce because she was going to IKEA again the next day. So now I have 4 lilac hand towels, yeay! You should feel happy for me just because I made you read all that. I’m not even going to show you a photo of the coveted hand towels.

Anyway it is Christmas spirit at IKEA already. Here be photos!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - carollers
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German-style Crispy Duck @ TJ Haus, SS18

My colleague told me about TJ Haus in SS18, Subang Jaya and recommended that I try their superlicious chilled cheese cake. I googled and found out the exact location, briefly saw that they’re famous for their duck so I decided to have it for dinner.

TJ Haus is on the 1st level of an end lot in a row of shops in SS18. Walking up the stairs, you’d surely see how it’s decorated – quite a cosy and homely feel even from the outside. Step inside TJ Haus and you may feel like you’re at someone’s house. I thought it felt very comfortable and relaxed. As Christmas is upon us, TJ Haus is all decked out in Christmas decorations, very nice.

TJ Haus SS18 - interior TJ Haus SS18 - outside seating

This is TJ: Thomas and Jeffrey. Thomas is the chef and Jeffrey the host. Nice, obliging people!

TJ Haus SS18 - Thomas and Jeffrey

Joyce and I both had the Crispy Duck (German-style) (RM26). Chef recommendation so we wanted to try for ourselves mah! The dish didn’t disappoint though it was a lot of duck. Perhaps you could share this main when you’re here with others.

TJ Haus SS18 - crispy duck

Half duck topped with brown orange sauce, served with boiled potatoes and red cabbage. The skin is crispy on the outside, yet the meat is nice and soft with a slight bite on the inside. According to a newspaper clipping at the restaurant, the duck is stuffed with sliced apples and oranges before it is roasted in the oven, hence the natural sweet and tangy taste.

We were given extra sauce (without having to ask, so nice!) which is a bit heavy so go easy. I particularly like the red cabbage as it is not common here – sauerkraut is usually given in place. Again according to the newspaper clipping, their red cabbage is marinated overnight with vinegar, sugar, cinnamon and shredded apples. Absolutely delicious!

Boiled potatoes are boiled potatoes. Really one.

TJ Haus SS18 - crispy duck German style

Here’s Joyce enjoying her meat.

TJ Haus SS18 - Joyce eats duck

We shared a prawn cocktail and a chilled cheese cake. Both were quite enjoyable but the focus of this blog post is the crispy duck. So go focus.

TJ Haus SS18 - prawn cocktail TJ Haus SS18 - chilled cheese cake

I’ll be going back to TJ Haus to check out other items on the menu. Happiness ahead!

TJ Haus
27A, Jalan SS18/1B, 47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-5636-4508
Click for: Directions via Google Map
Closed on the 1st and 3rd Monday