Must watch! Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on TGV IMAX!

I’m dedicating an entire blog post to tell you to…



No no I’m not getting money to tell you that. I went and enjoyed the experience so much that I feel it would be criminal of me not to spread the word. As a community service message. For free. Wow, can you see my halo or not??

I went to the one at TGV Sunway Pyramid where they have a new IMAX theater. I think the price varies as I searched for different days. E.g. it cost RM22 on a Saturday but it was only RM20 on a Sunday.

At first it offended my cheap Chinese sensibilities to have to pay so much money for a friggin’ movie ticket. Then I was told that RM22 is considered cheap for an IMAX show. Then Mike and LL, having watched MI:4 on IMAX the other day kept singing its praises. Okay lor.. close one eye and click to pay…

Seriously, it was worth every sen! I suppose it helps that MI:4 was partially shot using IMAX cameras so it came together like movie magic πŸ˜‰ Like how the movie Avatar is best watched in 3D as the director meant for it to be enjoyed that way.

So here I am telling you to go WATCH MI:4 on TGV IMAX!!!

Dec 2011 - TGV IMAX screen




  1. Yeah, I want to watch MI4 too! I have never gone to an IMAX theatre in Malaysia, won’t mind checking it out. πŸ™‚

  2. I think this IMAX screen looks a tad small.

  3. HB: Me neither!! I had a great time πŸ˜€

    suertes: Oooo it’s more than sufficient wor.. how big you want!!

  4. $22 Rm for IMax is really cheap. HK cost about $100Hkd to $120 Hkd depending on what movies. MI4-Imax = $100 Hkd

  5. The IMAX screen at TGV is the minimum size ie 52 by 72 feet.

    The former IMAX screen at BTS is 5 storey high… some IMAX overseas are up to 8 storey high…

    True IMAX screens are supposed to be ‘domed’ shaped ie the screen curves over your heads…. but b’cos of ‘cost factor’ – nowadays the screens are smaller, thus ppl named them LIEMAX & not IMAX…. heheheee….

  6. This one is better IMHO, the BTW IMAX has the most uncomfortable seats in the WORLD.

  7. Waiting for The Dark Knight on IMAX! πŸ˜€

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