Merry Guinness @ Garibar, Bangsar Village

Merry Guinness @ Garibar - signage If I had my way, I’d be Merry Guinnessing all year long.

But as it is, the Merry Guinness events where selected outlets feature Guinness-infused food + Guinness at a special price happens only at the end of the year (so far).

Pity ‘cos I like Guinness-infused food. I could eat Guinness-infused food all day and year long.

Before I get heatstroke or something like that, that is.

So mengikut petua orang kampung Cina (i.e. Terence, FA, KY), should drink Tiger la liddat. It’s like a Yin + Yang = total awesomeness thing.

This year I only managed to catch one of the few Merry Guinness parties at Garibar due to life circumstances. Had a fantastic time, especially catching up with bright-eyed Hui Ping of G2.

Merry Guinness @ Garibar - at the table
Hui Ping, me, Joyce and D

By the way, you like my permed + coloured + highlighted hair or not? You don’t like also no use ‘cos I’m liking it very much.

At Garibar, we had a four course meal downed with a couple perfect pints of Guinness. Three dishes are recipes from Masterchef Adam Liaw whereas one is by Garibar’s executive chef. RM100++ for the lot, feel free to pick and choose your mains.

We had:

Open Guinness Lamb Shank and Mushroom Pie with Champ Fine
Merry Guinness @ Garibar - open lamb shank pie

Ravioli stuffed with Guinness-infused veal
Merry Guinness @ Garibar - ravioli with veal

Guinness butter roasted chicken
Merry Guinness @ Garibar - Guinness butter roasted chicken

Guinness and fruit Christmas pudding
Merry Guinness @ Garibar - Guinness and fruit Christmas pudding

All fantastic. I was thoroughly stuffed. Fill me up with Guinness and I could be dinner.

Merry Guinness @ Garibar - Joyce, Suanie, Hui Ping



  1. can i have this for lunch? 🙁

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