Christmas spirit at IKEA Malaysia

When: Last Sunday, sometime around 4pm
Where: IKEA Mutiara Damansara
Why: Nothing better to do so jalan2 tengok orang

Actually I wanted some fancy IKEA boxes to store stuff in Gladys so she doesn’t look too much like a bomb shelter. I ended up with the boxes and some nice lilac hand towels that comes in a set of 4. After paying, I realised that I only had 3 hand towels. So I went to the Return and Exchange (or was it Exchange and Return..?). The guy refunded me the money for the hand towels, a grand total of RM8.90 and asked me to buy it again from IKEA marketplace. I’m like, err have to go one HUGE round again? Tak payah lah… then I passed the money to Joyce because she was going to IKEA again the next day. So now I have 4 lilac hand towels, yeay! You should feel happy for me just because I made you read all that. I’m not even going to show you a photo of the coveted hand towels.

Anyway it is Christmas spirit at IKEA already. Here be photos!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - carollers

Christmas trees decor, yay!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - christmas trees 01 IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - christmas trees 02

Joyce wants to be Santa. The suit was not for sale but the slippers are. We never quite figure out if RM49 was for one or two slippers.

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - Santa Joyce IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - Joyce in boots

Got seasonal Christmas bowls, so pretty yay!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - seasonal bowls 01 IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - seasonal bowls 02

Got real, live Christmas trees!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - Live Christmas trees

It breathes…

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - christmas tree close up

Which one to get?

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - choosing a Christmas tree

Got Joyce walking around like a Christmas decoration, hahahaha!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - Joyce in Lights

But my favourite is this, though it may not be a seasonal thing but it’s great and so apt for Christmas!

IKEA Malaysia Christmas 2011 - moose shaped pasta

Also check out the IKEA Advent sale – IKEA items offered at bargain prices before Christmas! Looks like I’m going to IKEA on Christmas Day, heh.



  1. IKEA, a place where I spent way too much money on. :S

  2. Love the whole christmas mood there. nearly went on a shopping overboard with the items that i would just say…i need this for christmas when there is only so “much” space left for me to play with at home.

  3. KY: same same bro haha

    missyblurkit: tell me about it! i was really exercising restraint.

  4. i love carolers, too!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ i’ve always wanted to try being one but i have no idea how to put together a caroling group or even join one! LOLS.

  5. Hmm can’t help you because I don’t know how to join one too! I think they’re mostly from churches.. not sure if there’s a non-church affiliated caroling team?

  6. aiyah…u sneak in thru the cashier la, reverse mari…

  7. haih people mountain people sea, very susah that day man! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Let’s start a non-Church Christmas carol team!

  9. good idea except that i can’t really sing hahahhaa

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