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The Best Som Tam in Klang Valley!

Thanks to Grill Sergeant Lance, I’ve found the best tasting, most delicious som tam in Klang Valley!

… which could possibly be an exaggeration as I don’t eat a lot of som tam in Klang Valley. But the ones that I did eat in Klang Valley (even the few in Bangkok) pale in comparison to this one!

So here I say to you: the Best Som Tam in Klang Valley according to Suanie (which is the only opinion that matters according to me) is at the Thai market in front of the Thai temple Wat Chetawan, Off Jalan Gasing!

Actually the market bit consists of several Thai vendors peddling their food and assorted goods out of the back of their cars. They are only around every Sunday from noon onwards. The best som tam I’m talking about is from this vendor:

Thai market Jalan Gasing - Som tam seller

The husband is Malaysian and the wife is from Northern Thailand. She’s been here for nearly 20 years, their oldest son is already 18 years old and she took the initiative to learn Mandarin. She also makes a mean som tam!

Thai market Jalan Gasing - making the som tam

On weekdays the couple operate a food stall in Sg Long selling Thai food other than som tam. On Sundays they’re at Wat Chetawan till about 4 or 5pm.

I was chatting so much with them about other things that I forgot to ask for their names. Well they’re the only green car there and she’s almost always in the same outfit, can’t miss them!

Thai market Jalan Gasing - with the som tam

One serving is RM5 and you can choose the level of spiciness. The normal level is very shiok but the more I ate, the more it burned. It’s also because I like to let it soak for a bit, let the marinade seep into the papaya to make it more flavourful.

Thai market Jalan Gasing - Som tam

Young papayas + long beans + tomatoes + dried crunchy shrimps + chilli + fish sauce + lime juice + sugar + peanuts… so yum that you need to try it now!

… or every Sunday at the Thai market, Wat Chetawan, Off Jalan Gasing.