Erawan: classic fine Thai cuisine

Erawan - signage My sister has been raving about food at Erawan for a while now. Located in Dataran Sunway in Kota Damansara, Erawan was voted as one of Asia’s finest restaurants 2010/2011 by The Miele Guide Asia, as well as one of the Top 5 Best Restaurants in Malaysia 2010/2011.

If you’d like to eat at Erawan, you’re advised to make prior reservations. Also most of the items on their menu are only available by pre-order by at least one day. They have their own reasons for it, mostly for freshness of the ingredients and eliminating wastage.

The place wasn’t hard to locate though the facade looks like someone’s personal garden. There are a couple of tables outside, see photos here and here. Interior’s tastefully done, see here. If you’d look at their menu, you’d come upon a page where the owners of Erawan not-so-subtly reminding you that there are some things that they won’t do, such as serving local condiments i.e. sambal belacan to go with their food. Also please try not to compare their dishes with those served by other Thai restaurants, reasons unstated.

My sister had pre-ordered some of her favourite dishes at Erawan to be shared among the few of us. This is not a review but rather one of those ‘we ate this, here’s a photo’ kind of post, here we go!

Erawan - Lotus petal snack
Lotus petal snack

The first appetizer, the Lotus Petal Snack (RM38) is similar to miang kham, served with lotus petals. The taste and feel is not unlike ingredients in lou sang.

Erawan - Lotus petal snack in hand

Very tantalising dish, will really ‘buka’ your ‘selera’. Also the use of lotus petals make it look rather exquisite.

More salads: Pomelo Salad (RM30) and Garden Salad with Australian Beef (RM38).

Erawan - pomelo salad Erawan - Garden Salad with beef
Pomelo salad and Garden salad

The Pomelo Salad had pomelo, prawns and… uh, crunchy bits that contain peanuts. Served with a sauce that I’m pretty sure contains fish sauce, it’s my favourite salad selection (so far). The Garden Salad looked pretty with flowers and all but the only part I enjoyed about it was the grilled Australian beef as the salad dressing was too sour for my liking. Mix the sauce from the pomelo salad + grilled beef = yum!

Erawan - pomelo salad close
You need to have a close up of the pomelo salad

Erawan - Tom Yam clear soup Erawan - steamed white rice
Tom Yam and white rice

Clear Tom Yam with mixed seafood (RM58) was just okay for me. I don’t like the clear soup version so maybe I’d be more impressed with the red/thick version. There’s nothing very spectacular about the pot of rice next to the tom yam above, except that the bowl it was served in was very pretty and it cost RM12.

Erawan - Curry of 9
Curry of 9

Curry of 9 (RM48), thus named because it contains 9 types of vegetables: bamboo shoots, baby corn, petai, morning glory, pumpkin stem, acacia pennata, green chilli, long beans and brinjal. It was my favourite curry that evening and I’d tell you why except that it’d go against the whole idea of ‘we ate this and here’s a photo’ blog posts.

Erawan - Roasted Duck Curry Erawan - Beef with caper leaves curry
Roasted duck curry and beef curry with caper leaves

Roast Duck Curry (RM38): boneless slices of roast duck in a curry naturally sweetened from green apples and pineapples. Fragrant and delicious. Beef Curry with Caper Leaves (RM38): not to my liking as I discovered how bleh caper leaves are. Supposed to be good for you but nyet. Beef was really nice though.

Erawan - Soft shell crab with curry cream Erawan - stir-fried kailan

Soft Shell Crab with Curry Cream (RM48): a different way to cook soft shell crabs. The curry cream was lovely. Hong Kong Kai Lan with Garlic (RM20): crunchy and good to eat. I mean, how else do you describe stir-fried kai lan? Good/ Not Good/ OK lor.

Erawan - Omelette Erawan - Fried Chicken

Ryan was with us and couldn’t eat all the curry curry stuff. So he had a Plain Omelet (RM 20) which is fluffy and really nice. But honestly I’d find it hard to shell out RM20 for a plain omelet when I can get the same at another restaurant for half of the price. Oops there I go comparing restaurants. Sorry. Erawan’s Fried Chicken (RM32) is another hit. Actually it tasted quite good, like the one my grandma used to make only 10x better.

Erawan - Thap Thim Krob Erawan - candied tapioca
Red Ruby and Tapioca

For dessert we had the customary Tap Thim Krap (RM8). It was lovely but I really recommend saving dessert space in your tummy for the Candied Tapioca (RM8). The tapioca is obtained from some makcik in a kampung so it’s a ‘sometimes have, sometimes don’t have’ thing. It is then boiled in syrup for 4 hours and served with salted coconut milk. Tapioca has never tasted that good, dessert heaven!

We had a pleasant dining experience and I was really happy that someone else footed the bill ๐Ÿ˜€ Well you should try out this place at least once, just be aware of the prices and pre-book the dishes from their extensive menu, which you can see at their website.

Erawan – The Classic Thai & Fusion
22-1, Jalan PJU 5/16, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara
GPS: 3.152857, 101.591971
Tel/Fax: +603-614-123-93
Website || Map



  1. heard about this place for a while now, time to make a visit soon!

  2. you should, it’s quite a lovely dining experience

  3. its quite yummy but must remember to make reservations!

  4. Looks kinda meh for the price, I guess it’s worth a try tho to see what the hype is about. I’ve been hearing about the place for a while.

  5. missyblurkit: yeah reservations ahead for larger numbers. they’ve limited tables

    ST: i think the trick is to carefully select the menu beforehand hehehe. e.g. i think the lotus petal snack and pomelo salads are nice, i wouldn’t order the garden salad next time. nor the tom yam. i’d do the multiple curries though

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