Drink GAB beer + stand to win a 1kg Golden Dragon statue!

It’s not even Christmas but last week at GAB’s Tavern, the atmosphere was undeniably Chinese New Year. Got tong tong chiang music, got ang ang decorations, got dragon (not lion) dance… and I missed all that thanks to a traffic policeman who rerouted me and I ended up being 1.5 hours late.

Reluctant usage of Touch ‘n Go credit cannot claim from traffic police department one, right?

GAB CNY 2012 - Tavern 01
Super Cina

The reason for the early CNY was so that GAB can announce their CNY 2012 promo: “9 Grand Treasures for the Year of the Dragon“. Basically if you buy big bottles/ cans of GAB beers (like Tiger, Heineken, Guinness or Anchor), then you need to check the colour or code of the cap liner or pull tab. If you’re lucky, you might win very nice prizes! E.g. your cap liner’s orange colour, the prize is a piece of 5g Gold Dragon coin.

GAB CNY 2012 - Tavern 02
Can you feel it’s Christmas Chinese New Year..?

Then if you’re really very lucky, you might get the red cap liner and win the 1kg Golden Dragon Statue:

GAB CNY 2012 - Golden Dragon statue
Better than any gold savings accounts

That’s all. Oh here’s me posing with MissyBlurKit and Seet Heng from G2. Not in the photo: grumpy looking security officers nearby in case we decided to make a run for it.

GAB CNY 2012 - with the Golden Dragon statue




  1. Wah, me iz fehmes now!

  2. seet memang fehmes lor…

    the gold dragon seems interesting. question: what to do with the 1kg gold dragon if one wins it?

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