Chocolate Cake/ White Coffee/ Kronenbourg @ MIFW/ Tefal frying pan

That was about the most mismatched compilation for a blog post, eh? As Cao Cao would say, miss and match confuses the enemy, seizes victory.

Actually he wouldn’t but obviously you can tell that I’m engrossed in watching Three Kingdoms.

It was KennyBaby’s birthday last week and we had a good time at Frontera in Jaya One. They serve a mean chocolate cake – vodka + frangelico + lemon + sugar = best shooter ever! First you take the lemon and sugar, let the lemon juice linger in your mouth then you down the shot. Fuwahhh tastes like a chocolate cake ๐Ÿ˜› You should really try one for yourself!

Frontera - Chocolate Cake

Knowing that I like coffee, Horng gave me some instant white coffee sachets to try. It’s from his mom’s kopitiam back in Penang, pretty good man! I like the fragrance and the aroma. Can’t find it anywhere here so here’s what it looks like so you can try it if you manage to get hold of it:

Coffee Tree white coffe
Coffee Tree instant white coffee

Kronenbourg 1664 was the official beer sponsor for the Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW) 2011. Translated: Kronenbourg parties, yay! I love my Kronenbourg Blanc, best enjoyed with friends. At Zeta Bar:

Kronenbourg MIFW Zeta Bar - Suanie and Michael

Kronenbourg MIFW Zeta Bar - Michael and Deeps

Recently there was a Tefal warehouse sale. It went on for 3 days and I was there for all 3, heh. On the first day, I saw this little 12cm non-stick frying pan going for RM25. Wah affordable, very excited, can buy, bought! Only when I took it out to use, I realised that it was a bit too small for my kitchen stove burners, heh.

Tefal Ideal One Egg Wonder Frying Pan

But OK lah, still can use and it makes frying eggs so darn easy. I just found out that it’s called the Tefal Ideal One Egg Wonder Frying Pan, no wonder lah! Maybe I’ll fry you an egg with it one day ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. LOL, epic mismatch, careful not to burn off the handle.

  2. haha yeah but this one fry egg super fast

  3. That pan is TOO awesome for frying eggs, or making a perfect 1 person omelet.

  4. Zeta? At Hilton?

  5. yes m’am

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