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Ohai I’m back from blog hibernation. Well it’s the Internet, one day is like 7 years or something.

So I was at KFC buying food for the family (we love our KFC) and I saw the promotion poster for World Hunger Meal:

KFC World Hunger meal

Basically you purchase a World Hunger Meal that consists of 2 pieces of chicken, 1 regular whipped potato, 1 regular coleslaw, 1 bun and 1 regular carbonated drink for RM10.60 and 50 sen from that amount will be forwarded to the World Food Programme. Very noble yo, makes me want to do good and not lift my fingers from enjoying my very delicious KFC original recipe.

Then I reminded myself that I qualify to be a kiamsiap housewife so I looked at the regular KFC menu for comparison.

KFC Snack Plate Sept 2011

Snack plate: 2 pieces of chicken, 1 regular whipped potato, 1 regular coleslaw and 1 bun for RM8.30, add on a regular carbonated drink OR dessert cup for RM1.80 which comes out to… RM10.10! Add another RM0.50 to that and guess how much that comes up to?

So yes, the 50 sen for the World Food Programme doesn’t come out from KFC’s own pockets though it may give such an impression. I have to say that its success rate will be a lot higher than putting a tabung at the cashier soliciting donations.

Ok that’s all.



  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Eh when did this World Hunger Meal start?

    I’m probably one of KFC’s most frequent patrons and I haven’t saw it yet. Either that or I haven’t been going / looking around enough.

  2. This was at Centrepoint BU’s KFC

  3. Save world from hunger, learn basic economy 101 , endorse by Suanie. :p

  4. I’m assuming this is not an advertorial…

  5. moo_t: indeed indeed, lessons to be learned πŸ˜›

    suertes: unfortunately not πŸ™

  6. and i still love my KFC! πŸ˜›

  7. BTW KFC naik harga already… not less than a month after I took these photos πŸ™

  8. You’re very observant Suanie, good spotting!

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